Chuck Efstration For Gwinnett County GOP Chair!

As you might know I am very new to conservative political activism.  In fact last month I attended my local Mass Precinct Meeting for the very first time.  I am very excited to be a part of the process and look forward to being an active participant in the Gwinnett County Republican Party.

In the past, the party has been led by J. Gregory Howard.  He is stepping down and one of the main orders of business at the Gwinnett GOP Convention on Saturday, March 14th will be to elect a new County Chairman.  I am very proud to announce my choice for that position and to endorse Mr. Chuck Efstration!

Chuck is, in fact, the very first person I met  from the Gwinnett Republican Party (that wasn’t an elected official).  He met me on the steps of the Suwanee  library on the morning of the Precinct meeting.  He was elected Chairman of that meeting and he did a fantastic job running it.  He is very nice and I think he has a great plan.  Chuck’s official bio is as followx:

Chuck Efstration is running for Chairman of the Gwinnett Republican Party. Chuck grew up in Lilburn, earned his Eagle Scout with a Gwinnett Boy Scout troop, and graduated from Greater Atlanta Christian School in Norcross.

For college, Chuck attended the University of Georgia where he majored in Political Science and minored in Journalism. Chuck is a graduate of Mercer Law School where he was selected to serve as Chief Justice of the Law School Honor Court.

Chuck is a lawyer working in the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s office where he is responsible for prosecuting people that break the law. Chuck enjoys working to keep Gwinnett County safe from criminal activity.

Chuck has extensive experience in Republican politics including working as a paid staff member of a statewide gubernatorial campaign and working in a paid position in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. In 2004, Chuck ran the successful re-election of a Republican State Senator in a district identified by Democrats as their #1 target. He has served as Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans where, under his leadership, the organization tripled in size and raised $10,000.

Chuck has served on the Executive Boards of the Gwinnett Republican Party and the Georgia Republican Party.

With our county being the possible home of our next Governor and/or Lt. Governor it is time to step up our efforts here in Gwinnett.  We are the 2nd largest Republican county (next to Cobb) in Georgia and it is time to step it up and keep moving our state in a positive direction.   I think Chuck is the right man for the job.

Here’s Chuck’s plan:

1. Work to increase grassroots participation

The Promise: Promote active involvement with increased roles and responsibilities of party members, form working committees around necessary party functions, and equip members to be effective campaign volunteers

The Plan: Sowing the seeds for grassroots campaigning will be the top priority for 2009. School district managers will be responsible for finding precinct captains and block captains that are willing to either reach out to neighborhood organizations or support the local door to door effort. For every precinct captain, the Gwinnett GOP will provide:

  • Maps and voter information for each precinct

  • Precinct Captain Manual for guidance on effective campaigning

  • Email and phone contact lists for each precinct

  • Annual precinct captain training academy

  • Support from the Gwinnett GOP media outreach team

  • A list of upcoming events in the area where a presence by the Gwinnett GOP would be beneficial

2. Emphasize a party that will work together and grow

The Promise: Unify the party through consensus building and outreach to Republicans

The Plan: Appoint a Membership Director to personally reach out to Republicans and conservative organizations that have not joined the Gwinnett GOP. The Membership Director will:

  • Personally contact every current and former member of the county party to encourage the payment of dues, event attendance, and participation on committees

  • Post a website calendar of upcoming meetings for the next three months

  • Reach out to the members of other community organizations that might be interested in the Gwinnett Republican Party

3. Encourage meaningful debate within the party

The Promise: Give a forum to those with conservative beliefs to facilitate the spread of the Republican message of personal responsibility, limited government, free enterprise, and the rule of law

The Plan: We give our time and energy to the Gwinnett Republican Party because we believe in implementation of conservative principles. So, we should start to examine the issues that are confronting our lawmakers. This can be done by:

  • Creating a Policy Director position responsible for monitoring what issues are being considered by Congress, the Georgia General Assembly, and the Gwinnett Commission

  • Presenting the Policy Director’s report to the Gwinnett GOP membership at monthly roundtable meetings for discussions within the Party

4. Raise funds to support the party

The Promise: Increase our financial resources and develop regular and sustainable income for party activities

The Plan: Effective fundraising is the cornerstone of any successful political party. We will:

  • Implement a direct mail campaign to solicit contributions

  • Hold an annual fundraising event that will both excite the grassroots and raise significant money for the Gwinnett GOP

5. Build the party’s on-line infrastructure

The Promise: Improve the website, listserv, and other online resources to better serve current party members and encourage new members to become active

The Plan: Appoint a Technology Director for the Gwinnett GOP who is responsible to:

  • Maintain an automatically updated listserv so new members are immediately added to email lists

  • Create a user-oriented website with a calendar of events for the upcoming three months

  • Give the Gwinnett GOP a presence on social networking sites like Facebook

6. Field and support Republican candidates

The Promise: Recruit and assist Republican candidates across Gwinnett and Georgia who espouse Republican principles

The Plan: The Gwinnett Republican Party has the responsibility to approach qualified conservatives in the community about entering public service. This can be done if we:

  • Create a committee to recruit candidates for every district with a Democrat incumbent

  • Host a candidate training school

  • Provide a grassroots network to support Republican candidates

I hope that my fellow Gwinneatian Republicans will join me on Saturday, March 14th and elect Chuck Efstration as our next County GOP Chair!  For more information please click HERE.

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