Mike Huckabee Speaks at CPAC!

Governor Mike Huckabee finished his speech to CPAC just a few minutes ago.  It was a great speech and was received very well by the attendees.  

Mike’s daughter, Sarah, introduced him and told some very funny stories Before she came on stage to introduce her father, the announcer had to ask the people to move to the front to make room for the many people coming in to hear the speech.  After being introduced, Mike was cheered with loud applause and many Team Huck signs could be viewed in the audience.  

Mike started his speech with a great analogical story.  The story was about a teacher receiving Christmas gifts from her students in a small-town.  The gifts would usually be associated with what each student’s parents did for a living.  the boy whose father worked at the candy store gave the teacher candy.  The girl whose father works as florist gave her flowers.  Then comes the boy whose father works at a liquor store.  the box is dripping from the bottom and so the teacher asks the boy if it wine.  They boy says no.  After questions about Brandy and Rum, the boy tells her that the gift is a puppy.  The analogy is that “things are not as they seem”  A centerpiece of the first half of his speech was centered on the economy and Mike continued his rail on the bailouts and “Porkulus.”  He reiterated his “C.R.A.P.” nickname for the passed $800 Billion bill (with the usual laughter from the audience).  He praised the previous speaker, Mike Pence for his leadership and called him “One of his favorite members of Congress.”    As he continued, Mike got his first standing ovation (after the opening) as he called for the enactment of the FairTax and the shutdown of the Internal Revenue Service.  

Huckabee then moved on to talk about the disconnect between Fiscal and Social conservatives. His second standing ovation when he spoke of his pro-life stance.  He made his case that both fiscal and social conservatism should go hand in hand noting that if the social issues are ignored that Government has to grow exponentially to respond to the problems caused (more drop outs, more police needed, more jails needing to be built, worse health for the population, etc).    He called for a reconciliation and to work as one strong conservative team to lead this country from “A drowning city in the ocean back to the shining city on a hill!”  

Later on Mike said, “The United Socialist States of Russia” may be a thing of the past but the “United Socialst States of America” may be close to reality.  Mike warned against the dangers of Nationalized banks and of Universal Health Care.  He stressed the values of “Vertical Politics” and the need for “Vertical Patriotism” to solve the many problems we face in our Nation today.  He said that the best way President Obama could be like Sarkozy in France is to allow for the construction of Nuclear power plants and said that might have been the best part of the stimulus bill – except it was taken out of the bill while it was in committee.    He demanded reforming the broken education system that focuses on the teachers unions rather than educating our children.   

In  conclusion (the speech was an astonishing half-hour), Governor Huckabee made one more analogy, in a speech full of them (as well as the typical hilarious one-liners).  He talked of a man who had asked about Mike’s hobbies.  The man said he owned a boat but that he kept the boat in a warehouse with a group of other boating enthusiasts that only kept their boats as a prize and didn’t get out in the water.  After going on about his ridiculous this sounded he compared it to the people at this conference.  He said it is one thing to go to the conference and go back home energized but “are we warehouse conservatives or water conservatives?”  We need to “get out in the water and makes some waves!”  

It was a great speech and I’ll share a video if I find one later on the net for those that did not see it.  

One Response to “Mike Huckabee Speaks at CPAC!”

  1. Joseph Says:

    It was indeed a very good speech. Not his best but very good none the less. I am happy to see Mike taking a firmer stand and more prominent role in speaking out against Liberalism and Socialism. Your analysis of his speech is spot on.

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