Mike Huckabee: “House Parties Kick Off Thursday!

The following is the latest message from Governor Mike Huckabee:  

We are closing in on Feb. 26th and I wanted to remind you of our national House Party day. We have 115 supporters hosting parties in 41 states.

To see a listing of these parties, I encourage you to visit www.huckpac.com to find a party near you. We have added a Google Map to make it easier for you to get directions to a Party near you.

Huck PAC supporters hosting parties have been sent an information packet and a copy of a DVD to play on the night of the Party. Ultimately, we hope these parties will recruit new members to the National Volunteer Team and help build a bond of friendship among fellow Huck PAC supporters. To encourage people to attend local parties, I am offering a signed guitar to the Party host with the most members attending.

Everyone that attends a Party will receive a “Huck” bumper sticker for their car and have their name entered into a raffle for a special Team Huck Gift package.

We realize not everyone will find a Party near them. If you don’t, we still want you to participate. On Thursday at 8pm we will post the video online and set up an open discussion thread on our blog for everyone to meet each other.

Thanks for all you do.

Mike Huckabee

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