HuckPAC House Parties This Thursday Night!

On Thursday night, February 26th, over 100 HuckPAC House parties are being held all over the county between 7-9 PM local time.   The parties are being held to spread the word about the National Volunteer Team and to sign up volunteers arounmd the country.   In fact there  may be one close to you:  

During the parties a video will be shows with an important message from Governor Mike Huckabee.  For those of you who can’t make it to an actual party, the video will be posted on the HuckPAC website, along with a chat thread on the blog for a virtual House Party.  Some interesting facts:  

–  Mike Huckabee will be speaking at CPAC on Thursday afternoon and those that are attending are invited to the House Party in Fairfax, VA (check the map).

– One of the House Parties in Iowa is being attended by Bob Vander Plaats, Mike’s former state campign chair and candidate for Governor in 2010.

– There’s even going to be a party in Alaska!  How about that?  

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