HuckPAC’s Supporters Come Through Again!

Earlier this week, Governor Mike Huckabee challenged us to break through the monthly online fundriaising goal in 48 hours.  Not only did we do it in that amount of time, but we crossed the goal-line almost a full day early!  The following is Mike’s message on that accomplishment:  

If there is one thing I have learned since I started Huck PAC, it is that I can count on all of you to come through when I ask for your help. Thank you once again for helping Huck PAC and me reach our fundraising goal hours before the deadline. Each one of you makes everything we do possible. 

I am enclosing a short note below from our California National Volunteer Coordinators. They are headed off to the California State GOP Convention this weekend with a dedicated and hard working group of supporters. You made their going possible financially, and they wanted to thank you. 

God Bless, 

Mike Huckabee 

Dear Huck PAC National Volunteer Team: 

On behalf of the Huck PAC Volunteer Team in California, we the Grassroots Coordinators congratulate and thank you for meeting another fundraising goal! Even in these difficult economic times, you have chosen to go “above and beyond” in your giving because you know that an investment in Huck PAC is a wise investment in the advancement of conservative values and candidates.

By your generosity, you have partnered with your California Volunteer Team to produce and supply a Huck PAC exhibit at this weekend’s California Republican Party Convention. You can be confident that your generosity will be matched by our enthusiastic efforts to present Huck PAC to hundreds of Republican leaders and delegates who are converging on Sacramento from every county in our vast state. We are thrilled that we will be able to send many of our Convention guests back home to next week’s House Parties where they can get plugged in with their local Huck PAC Volunteer Team!

It’s no secret that in California, as in a growing number of places around the country, traditional values and fiscal responsibility are under assault as never before. Be encouraged, however, that among the Californians who don’t usually make the national news are millions of everyday people who, like you, contend for their conservative values and instill them in their families.

We on the California Volunteer Team are working to get a great many of these families on board Huck PAC to build a force for electing conservatives who boldly protect and advance our cardinal values – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – as the only reliable foundation for the governance of our communities, our state, and our nation.

Thank you for standing with us. 


Brian Snow – Northern California Coordinator

David Schmidt – Central California Coordinator

Tony – Southern California Coordinator 

Have you joined our National Volunteer Team? You can do so in less than 60 seconds

Visit to keep up on the latest news, join the discussion on our blog or to make a contribution in support of our Volunteer Team.

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