Welcome To The Huckabee Republican

Hello & Welcome!  

My name is Brian Donegan.  I am a 26 year old conservative from Lawrenceville, GA.  This is the latest of (now) three blogs I have published (the previous posts here are imported from my other blogs so that you can see how things have evolved). 

I started blogging at about the same time I began supporting Governor Mike Huckabee’s Presidential run.  I have not stopped.  It’s been a wild ride full of leaps of faith.  I don’t regret a thing!  My ride has included a surprise Birthday call from Mike, becoming an Associate Community Coordinator for the FairTax, Meeting Mike in person and standing on stage at a FairTax rally he spoke at, becom,ing a state Grassroots coordinator for HuckPAC, and signing up as a volunteer for John Oxendine’s campaign for Governor here in Georgia.

Stay tuned for the latest on  what Mike Huckabee is doing now, the efforts of HuckPAC, John Oxendine’s campaign, and much more news about the Huckabee Republican movement!  

EDIT – All My posts from previous blogs have now been imported so you can see the transition of ideas.

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