HuckPAC National Volunteer Team Update

We are now into Day 15 since the launch of HuckPAC’s National Volunteer Team!  As you will read below the original expectation was to have 500 volunteers nationwide.  Today our numbers stand at over 2,200!  A new goal has been established.  Governor Mike Huckabee explains below:  

Good morning! I wanted to send you this very quick update on our National Volunteer Team.

As I’ve said before, we have been stunned by the immediate support we received. Originally, we had hoped to sign up 500 volunteers by today and instead, we are closing in on 2,200. Our five strongest states are: Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arkansas and California (with Iowa, South Carolina and Michigan close behind).

Today I am announcing a new goal of 3,000 volunteers by the end of the month. So please email your friends and family and ask them to sign up for the Volunteers today at

Below you will find links to recent news and Volunteer profiles of your fellow team members. I encourage you to read these items in your spare time and leave a comment.

Thanks for your support. 

With deep gratitude, 

Mike Huckabee 

Who We Are (a regular section profiling Volunteers) 

Meet Darrell Brown one of our Arkansas Coordinators

Meet Kevin Tracy one of our Indiana Coordinators.

Meet Andrew Sweet a dedicated Volunteer in Minnesota

Learn (news related to our efforts) 

Here are two reasons to get involved: 

“Obama Campaign Staying Intact.” Learn more here

“Why Conservative Ideas Matter.” Learn more here

Please promote the team at Get your friends and family to sign up.  Help us reach 3,000 volunteers by Jan. 31 at midnight.

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