John Oxendine Supports Small Businesses!

The following is the latest press release from the John Oxendine for Governor Campaign:  

A statement from John Oxendine:
There are approximately one half million small businesses in Georgia and they deserve a state government which protects and promotes their interests.  Georgia small businesses need fewer taxes, less regulation, and less bureaucratic interference in their operations.
Georgia’s small businesses and stock market investors are the economic strength of Georgia. During my travels across our great state, I have had the honor to visit and listen to many small business owners and their employees. As a former small business owner myself, I share their concerns and their passion for free enterprise.
I applaud the efforts of leaders such as Joe McCutchen and Col. Oscar Poole.  Their efforts to support the Georgia small business community personify the spirit of the conservative movement.
It is time for the Republican Party to return to the Reagan Principles.  Many conservatives, including myself, are fed up with the way Ronald Reagan’s core conservative principles are being disregarded.
Consider the recent big government Wall Street bailout. Basically $750 billion taxpayer dollars were transferred from small business owners and working men and women to Wall Street.  Why? It is so bad that even Donald Trump, no enemy to Wall Street, was explaining on Fox News it is not working.
This is unacceptable.
The Republican Party is experiencing an internal set of decisions.  There are those who are just fine with moving away from core Reagan conservative philosophy. They abandoned the principles that Speaker Gingrich wisely crafted in the Contract With America. I advocate a restoration of these core conservative principles that say government should be the servant of our families and small businesses and empower their liberty, not hinder their productivity.
It is my intention, if I am honored to serve as Georgia’s Governor, to take a firm stand, maintain the Reagan conservative principles, and renew a philosophy of listening to taxpayers.
Georgia small businesses need tax cuts, less regulation, and less bureaucrats getting in their way. I am going to work on the side of small business in Georgia.

John Oxendine
Oxendine Working for Georgia

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