John Oxendine’s Statement on the 2nd Amendment

The following is the latest press release from Georgia State Insurance Commissioner and Republican Candidate for Governor, John Oxendine:  



A Statement from Commissioner John Oxendine:

Like many Georgians who support the Second Amendment, I was disappointed Casey Cagle all but abandoned his support for the Second Amendment during his annual pre-Session press conference.
Casey Cagle was emphatic that pro-Second Amendment legislation sponsored by State Senator Mitch Seabaugh, which would allow law abiding Georgians to expand the areas they can legally carry their concealed weapon, would be dead on arrival in a Casey Cagle Senate.
Casey Cagle stated he has “no appetite for it” and Georgians “should be content with where we are.”
Casey Cagle may not have an appetite for expanding and protecting the Second Amendment Rights of Georgians, but I do.  I support those legislators who stand for the Second Amendment.
Casey Cagle may be content and want a respite in standing up for our Second Amendment rights, but I will never rest until we ensure that we have protected the Second Amendment and made every effort to ensure our Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
I am a proud Life Member of the National Rifle Association, the Georgia Sports Shooting Association and I remain unapologetic and offer unqualified support of the Second Amendment.  I will always have an appetite to protect and defend the Second Amendment.
It is of concern that people can legally carry guns in more places in states such as, California and Oregon. Georgians who understand the principles of the Second Amendment will not be content until we have the legal right in Georgia to enjoy the blessings of our liberty.




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