The FairTax Is Alive In The 111th Congress!!

US Rep John Linder (GA-7) has great FairTax news:  

I am extremely happy to tell you that HR 25, the FairTax, has been reintroduced and is alive and well in the 111th Congress.  Not only that, the FairTax has been dropped with more original co-sponsors than it has ever had.  This is an incredible accomplishment, and it has everything to do with you and the immense passion and work you have put into it.
As a citizen co-sponsor of the FairTax you have played an active role in illustrating to other Members of Congress that the FairTax is important to you and is the right step for America to once again regain her prominence.  Thank you for that.
Our citizen co-sponsor effort has become a powerful tool, as I hoped it would.  This means we need to work together to enhance and strengthen it.  Our goal in Congress is to reach 100 co-sponsors on the bill, and our goal for the citizen co-sponsors is to reach 100,000.  I truly believe that if our citizen co-sponsors can achieve that goal, then that will be the catalyst for HR 25 crossing that 100 co-sponsor threshold.  So now is the time, if you haven’t gotten a friend to join the fight, do it today by sending them to If you already have, thank you; now go try and find ten more.
The success of the FairTax to date has been tremendous, and it is all a result of your hard work.  It is incumbent upon all of us that we step up our efforts  to ensure that the FairTax has not yet reached its peak, but is still climbing.
Thank you again for all you do,
John Read Stats 


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