Mike Huckabee Comments on The Current Crisis in Israel

The following are the comments this morning from Governor Mike Huckabee.  He included pictures in his blog post so please follow the link to go see them.  Also stay tuned for upcoming news on the HuckPAC National Volunteer Team.  It won’t be long until we should be hearing about all the details.  

The intensifying military situation along the Israeli border has kept my attention the past few days. I have made 10 trips to that area, the most recent in August. I’m including some photos from that trip, including some from my meeting with former and likely future Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as some photos of my standing on a rooftop in Sderot, just across the border from Gaza and the area that has suffered the most of the rockets fired from Hamas positions in Gaza. In one of the photos, you will see a small sample of the retrieved rockets that were fired into people’s homes, parks, and public streets. Despite a so-called “truce,” Hamas continued to launch over 8400 rockets into Sderot through August alone. Given the population of this Israeli community, the odds were 1 in 17 that you would be hit by a Hamas rocket. 

Some do not understand the delicate nature of this situation. Here is the simple picture: Hamas is not a legitimate government, but a terrorist organization. Israel has the right not only to exist, but to expect some level of security. The borders are not miles away, but mere meters away. Those of us in the United States would never tolerate having Osama Bin Laden setting up shop 300 yards from our homes and allowing his thugs and terrorists fire rockets at our children’s schools or into the roofs of our homes. The Israeli’s shouldn’t be expected to tolerate that either. 

Israel is doing what we would do—what they SHOULD do—to let Hamas and the rest of the world know that they will protect themselves and not allow a rogue government to attack them. Pray for the “peace of Jerusalem” and the rest of the world as we start this new year. 

Be sure and watch my show on the Fox News Channel this week—we have the great story of a corporate CEO who turned down over $13 million in bonuses because he didn’t think he should get them in light of the economic crisis—he obviously didn’t work for AIG or a car company! And we’ll have a special tribute to Elvis—with several special guests including the legendary James Burton, the guitarist for Elvis’ TCB Band, who will play with the Little Rockers. You will also learn how to register and win a guitar signed by James Burton. Don’t miss it! 

On Monday, January 5, I will be launching twice daily commentaries on the ABC Radio Network. We’ll have a link on our website for more information. If your local station doesn’t carry it, call and ask them to do so. 

One final note—thanks to many of you have enjoyed my book, “Do the Right Thing,” and have bought copies for friends and family, we are in the top 10 of the New York Times Bestseller list for the 6th consecutive week! 

Hope you have a great 2009! God bless you and your family. 

With high hopes, 

Mike Huckabee

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