John Oxendine – “We Need Your Help To Enact The FairTax!”

The following is the latest release from John Oxendine’s campaign.  It was sent last week and I thought I posted it here but was mistaken.  Sorry about the delay.  Do note his language.  Oxendine is going all in on the FairTax and is trying to ride Mike Huckabee’s coattails to the Governor’s Mansion in Atlanta.  

Dear Fellow Fair Tax Supporter,

I stand with Congressman John Linder, Neal Boortz, and Herman Cain in support of the Fair Tax. 
I am very disappointed the US Congress has not followed the outstanding leadership of Congressman Linder and passed his historic pro-family legislation.
If you honor me in 2010 by allowing me to serve as your Governor, I will invite the nation’s Governors to meet and draft a plan to implement the Fair Tax.
I stand with, and support, Governor Mike Huckabee in his national leadership on the Fair Tax.  Governor Huckabee has demonstrated true leadership and statesmanship in his principled stand on the Fair Tax.  I intend to stand with him as we continue the battle for the Fair Tax.
Like Governor Huckabee, I feel that a reasonable tax structure should be flat, fair, finite, and family friendly. The Fair Tax achieves these goals for America.
Like Governor Huckabee, I am convinced the Fair Tax will do more to revive our sagging economy than any so-called stimulus package Congress can try and sell to taxpayers.
Like Governor Huckabee, I don’t support the Fair Tax just to secure the support of a particular group of voters.  I support the Fair Tax because I am confident it will lead to a level of economic security and revival that would be unmatched by any other action on the part of our Federal government.
I need your help. I need your support – today.
I am not endorsed by the Fair Tax organization. Due to IRS laws, they cannot endorse me. 
However, I endorse them.
I have had people say that if I support the Fair Tax, I will not have their political support in my campaign for Governor of Georgia.  While I certainly respect their opinion and will regret not having their support, I am and will always be solid and sincere in my support for the Fair Tax.
I am willing to lose an election, but I am not willing to stand by and allow my children to live under the failed tax policies implemented in 1913 that we still have to endure.
America needs the Fair Tax and we need it now.
I need your support to become the nation’s first sitting pro-Fair Tax governor.  Will you send my campaign a contribution before my 31 December reporting deadline?
We have all heard reports of a resolution by the National Governor’s Association opposing the Fair Tax.  If you honor me with your financial support, I will be the Governor that changes that.
I will be the Governor who campaigns for the Fair Tax and I will be proud to stand with Governor Mike Huckabee, Congressman John Linder, Neal and Herman to promote and fight for the Fair Tax.
If you agree, I need your help. Today.
Once the Georgia General Assembly goes into Session in early January, I cannot accept contributions until they conclude – typically in mid-April.
Your contribution – of any amount from $5 to $5,000 will help. It will allow me to travel the state in early 2009 hosting our Fair Tax Meet Ups. 
In the next few weeks, the dates and locations will be posted at for my next series of statewide Fair Tax Meet Ups, but I need your financial support to make them a reality.
I am afraid my potential opponents only passively support the Fair Tax. Sure, they may not oppose it, but they are certainly not making it a central message of their campaign.
One reason is that many of their top financial supporters actually support massive federal bailouts and oppose Governor Huckabee and the Georgia Republican Congressmen in their opposition to these out of control bailouts.
Typical. Politics as usual.
I am proud to endorse the Fair Tax.  I have already traveled across Georgia and across America for the Fair Tax.
If you supported Governor Mike Huckabee and the Fair Tax in Georgia in 2008, I am your candidate for Governor of Georgia in 2010.
Please go to and contribute as generously as you can so that I can take our pro-Fair Tax message across Georgia.

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