Conservative leader, Paul Weyrich, Passes Away

This mornings brings the shocking news of the sudden passing of Conservative leader Paul Weyrich.  He was 66 years old.  In response Governor Mike Huckabee has released the following statement:

I have learned today of the death of one of America’s truly great political minds, Paul Weyrich. He was not a household name to most Americans, but inside conservative circles, his name was a name of wisdom, authority, and true conviction. I first met him in 1979 when I was working as communications director for a large Texas based Christian ministry. Paul was one of the first leaders to realize the untapped potential of values voters, and his influence was instrumental in the launching of Jerry Falwell’s “Moral Majority,” Pat Robertson’s “Christian Coalition,” and other faith based movements. Paul was a deeply devout Christian gentleman who had clarity in his convictions. He was both an intellectual as well as a political tactician who understood that all the great ideas in the world were worthless if they weren’t put into motion through actual public policy. He was fearless and spoke the truth to power regardless. I spent hours listening to and being mentored by his speeches that I heard on cassette tape in the late 70’s and early 80’s while driving to speaking engagements and events. His influence on me was chronicled in my book, “Do the Right Thing,” and he was mentioned on the book jacket.

All true conservatives mourn the passing of this truly great leader.

Our prayers go forth to his dear family.   

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