John Oxendine 2010 – For A Conservative Georgia

Here in Georgia, our state insurance commissioner is running for Governor in 2010 to follow the two terms of  Republican Sonny Perdue (who is term limited).  The following is his latest release:  

JOHN OXENDINE:  For a Conservative Georgia
Dear Fellow Conservative:
In 2010, conservatives face a serious decision. We will nominate and elect a new Governor. 
That Governor will either be a proactive supporter of those traditional, conservative values you have supported or be a moderate, establishment, go along to get along candidate.
Friends, I believe in Faith, Family, and Freedom. Ronald Reagan built the greatest coalition in the history of the world based on these three principles.  He reminded us that the United States of America is a nation whose people own the government – not the other way around. This is what makes us so special among all the nations of the Earth.
Our government has no power except that granted it by the people. It is time to check and reverse the growth of government, which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed.
Our Founding Fathers separated church from state, but they did not separate God from state; they acknowledged God as the source of our rights. America was founded on the Judeo-Christian philosophy based in the Bible and the Torah. It is Judeo-Christian morality that keeps America free, defines our values and defines us as patriots. God is the foundation of America.
Together, we can bring Georgia back to its Judeo-Christian roots and to the traditional values that made Georgia great.
A John Oxendine administration will support doctrines of traditional Judeo-Christian values which protect the family, lower taxes, ensure limited government, more entrepreneurship, more private sector job creation, and a strong state defense security force.
I believe in a Republican Party that is centered in a solid conservative philosophy.  I am determined to have Georgia lead the way to stronger support for the working family, life, a Fair Tax, border integrity, and no bailouts for Wall Street.
I fear, not every candidate for Governor feels as strongly as I do on these matters.
I am sick and tired of candidates who pander to the conservatives in an election and then take positions opposite once in office. I am sick and tired of leaders who cannot pass important legislation because they are playing politics at the state Capitol. I am sick and tired of Republican candidates who are RINOS – those who take conservatives votes, but enact liberal Democrat policy for Georgia.
If you are as well, I am your candidate for Governor in 2010.
The problem for Georgia taxpayers is that we have paid the price for certain people playing politics as opposed to offering real leadership.
Consider where Georgia is after this past Legislative Session:
At the end of the Session, Georgians still have no tax cuts, are still stuck in traffic, still have no new economic development projects, and still trail other states on school test scores.  My message to Georgia taxpayers: Help is on the way and change is coming.
You have been generous to support conservative candidates with a financial contribution to their campaign.  Will you help me today for 2010?
Can I count on you for a contribution to demonstrate to the establishment in Atlanta that conservatives are going to take a stand and keep the Governor’s office for conservatives?
I need you today.  I ask you to send a contribution so that it is reflected on our year end report.
More than that, by law, I cannot accept your financial support once the General Assembly goes into Session in early January until it adjourns in the spring.  Your financial contribution will provide our campaign with the necessary resources to travel around Georgia and bring our pro-family, pro-faith, pro-freedom message in early 2009.
Please visit and read my Family Values Position paper and if you want a conservative Governor, consider sending my campaign a donation before the 31 December report.
You can contribute online at: or mail your check to: 

John Oxendine – Governor 2010
P.O.Box 54363
Atlanta, GA 30308

God Bless Georgia.
At your service,
John Oxendine
I enthusiastically endorse John Oxendine for Georgia’s next Governor in 2010.  He is putting his political life on the line but not just pushing the FairTax but by making it a huge basis for his campaign.  He wants to convene limited Constitutional conventions to overturn the 16th Amendment and to enact the FairTax over the heads of Congress (via Article V of the Constitution).  Not only does John want to do that but he is already working hard to get his goal accomplished.   

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