CALL TO ACTION – Make Phone Calls In Support of Senator Chambliss

We have a real fight on our hands here in Georgia and Governor Huckabee will not stay on the sidelines.  HuckPAC has dusted off the Georgia phone banks from the Presidential campaign and they are now open!  Mike needs our help to help Saxby win re-election in the December 2nd runoff vs. Jim Martin!  LET’S ROLL

I need your help.

Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss is facing a runoff election on Dec. 2 against his Democrat opponent Jim Martin.

Democrats are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the state to defeat Senator Chambliss. President elect Obama has turned his grassroots organization in the state over to Jim Martin’s campaign and his supporters nationwide are making voter contact calls into Georgia urging people to vote on December 2.

We can’t afford to lose Saxby’s voice in the Senate. Saxby is a fighter for our conservative ideas, and someone we can count on to stand up for the FairTax and fundamental tax reform.

We need your help.  Will you make 5 calls to Georgia voters for Saxby Chambliss?

You can do so by logging into our new Georgia phone bank on our website. We provide you with a short script and make the calls very easy. You will be calling real Georgia voters and helping us turnout the vote for Senator Chambliss.

To get started you must sign in to My Huck PAC account (old Ranger program).  Once you login, look for “GA Phone Bank” under your “my profile.”

The facts are that Saxby Chambliss is a consistent vote for lower taxes, controlling spending, life and traditional marriage. He is facing a tough, well funded opponent that has the support of Barack Obama and his army of liberal activists across the nation.

The battle lines are clearly drawn in Georgia and only a nationwide effort of conservatives rallying to Saxby’s side will make the difference on Dec. 2. Help me support Senator Chambliss.

Even if you call one voter, please do so today.  Our goal is to contact at least 10,000 voters and we are counting on your participation.

Fighting for our conservative ideas,

Mike Huckabee

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