Vertical Politics Institute Is Now Live!!

Many months ago when Mike Huckabee’s personal website was launched there was a link to his new venture, The Vertical Politics Institute.  From that day until now there was just a landing page with a E-mail address sign up page.  Work has been ongoing and the site has just launched

Things are still in a secondary development phase but there are big plans for this venture.  the mission of the Vertical Politics Institute is to find solutions to the many problems facing our nation today.  The site will host all of Governor Huckabee’s policy papers, issue advocacy pages, ability for members to make blog posts about the issues to begin healthy dialogues, forums, issue support groups (like Meetup but free), and much more.  Supporters who sign up will receive occasional E-mail newsletters and the site will feature audio commentary by Governor Huckabee. 

In the comings days, weeks, and months the site will become more and more active but the site right now allows supporters to sign up for the E-mail newsletter, and make contributions toward funding this venture.  Becoming a sustaining member ($100) before the end of this year will bag you (among other great bonuses) a personally signed copy of Mike’s book that will be released next week! 

Please go check out The Vertical Politics Institute today

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