Check Out Mike Huckabee’s Book Tour Schedule!

A week from next Tuesday is the release of Governor Huckabee’s anticipated new book, Do The Right Thing.  In his new book Mike will chronicle the journey of his long-shot campaign and what the GOP needs to do to get back to its Conservative roots.   In support of his new book, Governor Huckabee will be going on a multi-week book tour through the South and Midwest (I’m sure it could have been coast-to-coast except for the fact that the tour is so close to Christmas). You can find the tour schedule here.

According to his latest blog post, Mike says that he will be doing his hit Fox News weekend show on the road which is very exciting for me since he will be in Georgia during the weekend after Thanksgiving!  I look forward to getting and hearing more details as the date gets closer.  I will definitely do all in my power to meet my hero during his tour and hopefully watch a taping of his hit show!

Speaking of mike’s new book, it is definitely on this list on Trucker Randy’s Book Club.  Beat the crowds and pre-order your copy HERE and you’ll help support us at the same time.  How cool is that?

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