Stop Bashing Sarah – It’s Not Her Fault!!!!

I’ve had just about enough of the Sarah Palin bashing.  She is not at fault for McCain losing the election.  the fault is McCain’s staff.  The electoral college may seem like a landslide victory for Senator Obama but many of the battleground states were really close.  Governor Palin is the reason why it was so close.  Without Governor Palin, Obama would have completely wiped the floor with McCain. To use Trucker Randy’s term….


Remember that John McCain was not popular at all with the Conservative base of the Republican Party.  They were scattering either to Bob Barr, Charles Baldwin, or deciding to just stay home.  things changed in an instant with McCain’s selection of Governor Palin as his running mate.  If it were not for the financial crisis that move might have won McCain the White House.  Even after the crisis having Palin on the ticket kept the race close and got enough Conservatives to the polls to keep the Democrats from gaining a super majority in the Senate down ticket.

If there is any blame to go around it has to go to McCain’s staff and advisers.  they did not allow McCain to be the man he was when he gained popularity in 2000.  He only really got to show it during his concession speech.  For all intensive purposes it was way too late.  His staff also needed to use his surrogates more wisely.  In many of the battleground states that McCain lost Mike Huckabee was popular and he was rarely used, if ever.  He could have won those states (like Ohio and Iowa) for McCain by himself if allowed to stump for the ticket more often.

Also I believe pulling out of Michigan was a fatal error.  I think the ticket had a better shot to switch the map there than in Pennsylvania.  The move had me and many others scratching our heads.  The move handed Michigan to Obama on a silver platter and hurt races down ticket and cost Republicans in the state dearly who could have done better on the coattails of McCain/Palin.  However after some thinking the move makes sense.  Who is the de facto force behind Michigan’s republican Party and who had a large presence among McCain’s staff?  That’s right, Mitt Romney.  Why else would McCain’s staff be bashing Governor Palin, especially because she could be a threat to the former Governor in 2012?

So stop bashing Governor Palin!  She inspired a lot of Conservatives during this race (including myself).  She provided a lot of excitement and muscle to the ticket and she is a rising star in the Republican Party  I look forward to more great things from her.  God bless Palin, her husband, and her wonderful children!

10 Responses to “Stop Bashing Sarah – It’s Not Her Fault!!!!”

  1. Granny T Says:

    You sure have that right! I’m one of those voters that would not have voted for McCain if he wouldn’t have chosen a consistent moral values conservative like he did. From the people in my precinct – he should have chose Huckabee because he would have not only sealed up the support of the base like Palin did – he would have also mastered the “experience” with his 10 1/2 year political chief executive experience. He also would have won many of the working class because of his populism. He knew in the early primary season that the economy was in trouble because he is one of us working class voters.

    If the GOP really wants to know what happened this time around they need to look at the sabotage done by the “kneecap the opponent” strategy that didn’t work for their guy in the primaries any more than it did in the general. McCain’s biggest mistake was accepting help from the “Judas” Romney supporters. They have already started using the same “kneecapping” strategy for 2012. When will they learn that “we the people” don’t want Romney no matter how hard they try to sell him?

  2. 30yrdem-not any more Says:

    20% of conservatives voted Obama. I am guessing that they voted for Romney in the primary. I read days before the vote that it was Romney’s people working for the McCain camp that were leaking stuff on Palin. People will remember in 2012 what Romney did to Palin and McCain just so he could run again….if they don’t, I will and I am sure you will remind them.

  3. DLKeur Says:

    First off, you’re subtitle is offensive. It isn’t just your country, it’s mine, too…along with a lot of other folks who disagree with your brand of “my way or get out of the country” attitude.

    Second, Palin is about the worst thing that could EVER happen to this country. She under-educated, a double-tongued liar, an unprincipled opportunist, and does not uphold U. S. Constitutional values.

    How about trying to love your neighbor as yourself instead of hating anyone who doesn’t agree with you?

    The difference between me and you is this: I believe in your right to believe and to live as you wish; you, however, don’t believe in my right to believe and to live as I wish. That means you believe in tyranny, and I don’t. What would Jesus do?

  4. BDBopper Says:


    We don’t hate anyone around here. I may disagree with what you just said but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. though I must ask is where do you get the idea that we don’t believe in your right to believe and live as you wish? as long as you don’t take anyone’s right to life, liberty, and/or property, I personally have no problem whatsoever.

  5. EnquiringMind Says:

    Where do we get the idea that you don’t believe in my right to believe & live as I wish?!? Seriously?

    Go look at some of the comments that have been posted to some of the other reader stories here on RCP. There are a large number of people that would like nothing more than to make us (us being anyone who doesn’t think, act, look & talk like them) shut up & disappear. Do you honestly think the Christians respect anyone’s right to practice a religion other than Christianity? That is part & parcel of believing & living as I wish, but if it were up to the majority of Christians I would be forced to worship their “God”.

    So you’ll pardon some of us if we take some offense to the “…taking our country back” sentiment. Like DLK said, it’s not just “your country”.

    Unless you’re a Native American, in which case I completely support taking your country back…………………but somehow I don’t think that’s the case……………

  6. swimkin Says:

    I agree with you. I love Palin. I am a right leaning Independent from NY and I have never donated any money to either party. I am one of the people who donated to McCain’s candidacy upon his selection of Palin. He would never have gotten the votes he did without her.

  7. BDBopper Says:


    Just to clarify I did not sub,it this article to RCP. It must have been another reader. I don’t usually submit my own posts I’m too modest to do so.

  8. HJFudge Says:

    I am a Democrat and I too love Palin!

    She gave Obama the presidency on the silver platter. I pray every single night that you guys elect her to run for you in the 2012 race. In fact, I would even donate to her primary campaign.

    Please conservatives…PLEASE rally behind Sarah and make her your spokeswoman!

    I can see no better way to ensure Democratic rule for the next decade.

  9. Ace Says:

    Ahhh the Christian bashing. I’m a conservative atheist (gasp) and what really pisses me off is how many of my liberal friends, right down to the pagans. love to bash, bash bash on the Christians.

    But they will roll over for sharia and fight, fight, fight for the right of any obscure religion to practice their thing (Wicca in prison anyone) as a right – so long as it isn’t Christian.

    No one is forcing you to join a church. Settle down there, Torquemada.

  10. Charlie Fairbanks Says:

    John McCain is an American hero. I admire his courage and his strength. However, I did not support him in the primaries. One of the reasons that I did not support him was that he voted against the Republican tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. Those were across the board tax cuts, not tax cuts for the rich. Because he voted against the tax cuts, he could not call Pres-elect Obama on his tax-cut-spin. He let a 100% liberal who was allowed to campaign as a tax cutter! Sarah Palin would not have allowed it as the nominee. Neither would have Fred or Huck, just to name a couple. Sarah was not the problem.

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