History Has Been Made Whether We Like It Or Not

Last night was really rough for Conservatives as Senator Barack Obama became President-Elect and the Democrats increased their majorities in the House and Senate.  The only good news for Republicans is that the Democrats will fail to get their super majority.  Stay tuned for further analysis but I just have to come out and say it.  Let’s ignore what he stands for and the direction he wants to take our country in.  Americans have spoken in a loud voice and have done something never thought possible decades ago.  In January our first Black president will take office, only forty five years after they gained the ability to vote without fear.  I don’t applaud Barack Obama’s stance on the issues but I have to applaud him for his great victory.  He also gave a great speech after he clinched victory.  Say what you will about our next President but he can deliver a speech that can evoke emotion.  I even shed a tear thinking about the many people that went to the polls yesterday to vote for a Black man after they had lived through the awful and despicable days of Jim Crow.

Speaking of great speeches, John McCain’s concession speech was very gracious and very well done.  In a very tough year and climate for Republicans McCain/Palin did probably as well as could be expected because they were really sailing into gale force winds.  Obama and the Democrats outraised and outspent them by huge margins.  It’s no small wonder that they did as well as they did at the end of the day.

When I voted yesterday I went with my youngest brother.  My first election was in 2000 and I will never forget the experience.  Before going to bed last night I did something I normally don’t do.  I popped in his room and talked with him.  I wanted him to understand the significance of what we had just been a part of.  I hope that while neither of us wanted the result that we ended up getting, that he remembers this day for the rest of his life,  I know I will.

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