My Day On The Trail With Saxby Chambliss

A few days ago I received an E-mail telling me that Senator Saxby Chambliss was making a bus tour through my area on Tuesday.  I called my Friend Adam (who serves with me as local FairTax community coordinators – I’m his assistant in my town and I decided that Saxby could use all the support he can get from us FairTaxers.  We then decided to get up early to meet him in Lawrenceville and follow his tour through the Noon hour on Tuesday.  We would have gone on longer but we both had things to do at home and had to get back at a decent hour.

So I woke up extra early and bundled up for the freezing temperatures and as soon as Adam picked me up we were on our way.  The first stop was the Brand Bank in Laswrenceville.  Thank goodness they opened the bank early to let us in.  It was very cold outside and I don’t think I could have stood out there too long.  There were about 30-40 people packed into the bank and I met Congressman John Linder and Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine.  Oh and I cannot forget his wonderful assistant, Kat!  Commissioner Oxendine was definitely cordial and I enjoyed meeting him and shaking his hand for the first time.  I look forward to helping him with his Gubanatorial campaign!  After the speeches and a cup of coffee we were off to the next stop on the bus tour.

I wasn’t on the bus…my friend Adam followed it in his car that I was riding in.  The next stop was a Beef O’ Brady’s in the small town of Jefferson, GA (in Jackson County).  I’d say there was 50 people there to see Senator Chambliss.  The town was excited and it was a big deal.  So much so that we were entertained by the Jefferson High School marching band.  A very nice touch.  I was very impressed.  Jefferson is a very nice small town, one I’d like to make a home in some day when I become independent.  I met the friendly GOP Jackson County Chairman, David Oppenheimer, and he was impressed I had come to his county and was impressed by my passion.  I was glad to hear he was a Huckabee fan.

The next stop was the Community Center in Winder, GA.  The change of time of day was evident as the food provided was no longer coffee and doughnuts but classic Southern BBQ.  The crowd was larger and I’d say about 75-100 were there to greet Saxby.  By this time I’d heard the stump speeches a few times and knew what to expect.  So I decided to liven things up and  when Saxby talked about drilling I started the “Drill Baby Drill!” chant much to the audiences delight.  I talked with Senator Chambliss’ wife after the speeches were done in the hall and she was impressed  at my “Cheerleading skills.”

In both Jefferson and Winder I had the pleasure to meet another HuckPAC endorsed candidate, Georgia State Senator (from District 47), Ralph Hudgens.  He was very nice, like I had met him before.  Also along the way the state volunteer chairman for the McCain campaign and he deputized us all as “Vote Getter Outters”  Pretty cool huh?  However the coolest part of the day was meeting former University of Georgia Quarterback and their head coach after Vince Dooley retired, Ray Goff. It’s hard to compare anyone to the impact Chuck Norris had on Mike Huckabee’s campaign events but I guess this was somewhat similar, although on a much smaller scale.

The final stop on our leg was in front of city hall in Monroe, GA.  This was the largest crowd all day.  I think there was 300 enthusiastic people gathered in the cold.  This was also the longest speech of the day from Senator Chambliss and he was pretty good on the stump (not as good as Governor Huckabee though).  After all the speeches were done and I had visited with my FairTax buddies who were there, I had my picture taken with Senator Chambliss.  You can see the photo above. (Thanks Steve!)

While Senator Chambliss continued through Covington, Conyers, and Atlanta Adam and I had to head for home to get some things done.  It was a fun day out on the trail.  It was fun being political roadies and I made several new contacts.  Thank goodness for the lower gas prices.  The trip only cost us about 15 dollars.  We didn’t even have to pay for food somewhere because each venue had some sort of free food.  Who knew political rallies were a great way to score free food?  I can’t wait to get the chance to do this again for John Oxendine in 2010 and maybe for Mike Huckabee down the road.

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