Spreading the Wealth Around – Why Can’t We Do It On Our Own?

Much has been made over the comment Barack Obama made to Joe the Plumber about “Spreading the Wealth Around” Actually I have no problem with spreading the wealth around, if that wealth is our own. However I have a huge problem with the Government pillaging our money to “Spread it around” We are Americans, some of the kindest people in the world. When our neighbors are in trouble we offer to help in anyway possible because “To much is given, much is required” and frankly it is the right thing to do. That also goes for our neighbors around the world. If I remember correctly it was the private individuals from America that gave more than anyone else to help relief efforts in Southeast Asia following the deadly and horrific tsunami there a few years ago.

Why should we think the Imperial Federal Government will do a better job giving assistance to people who need help? Doesn’t anyone remember Hurricane Katrina and how that mess was screwed up by the Feds? Private individuals and charities did much better work helping out those poor people than the Feds did and it will always be that way.

So let’s see what’s going to happen if we elect Barack Obama and allow his Robin Hood economic policy go to work.   If you thought productivity and hard work was punished today just wait until Barack Obama gets done screwing with our economy.  the increased taxation and regulation will indeed lead to job migration.  In fact the first thing that will happen is buisnesses will start laying off people hand over foot.  How do you like the thought of losing your job?  Not such a hot idea, right?  I thought so.  In addition more and more companies will leave our Nation.  The “Made in the USA Brand” will continue to disappear from the shelves of Wal Mart and other stores.  The brand will continue to be filled with the lead-filled products from China produced in sweat shops.  How do you like them apples, huh?

Speaking of the increased punishment on productivity more and more Americans will realize this and will lose their motivation to work hard.  that means those without jobs will have no motivation to get one and get off of welfare.  As time goes on the Government ball-and-chain will latch on tight and those on the bottom rung of the ladder will be forced to stay there.  What about the middle class?  Consider it destroyed because no longer will those folks try to work harder to get more money in their pockets because by doing so they will move into higher tax brackets less they watch more and more of their hard-earned money  be snatched away.

When taxes are low and the economy is good there is more money in the pockets of the American citizen.  The more money in those pockets the more money they can donate to charity and help their fellow man.  Under Barack Obama’s Robin Hood Economic policy charities will suffer and people that need help will fall through the cracks.

Take it from me.  I am among those on the low rung of the economic ladder.  I don’t want a hand out from the Government that I don’t deserve.  I want the opportunity to live the American Dream and rise up the ladder so i too can “Spread my wealth around.” Barack Obama doesn’t seem to want me to be able to do that. I don’t want the Government to steal money to do it themselves.  It’s not that I want credit but I have no faith that the Government can do it properly.

I hope you will consider this next Tuesday when you vote on Election Day.

-Brian The Webmaster

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