The Latest on The FairTax & The GA Senate Race

Last Friday, on very short notice (less than 24 hours) a press conference was scheduled for the Western steps of the Georgia State Capitol by FairTax supporters to address the fallacies of attack ad against Georgia Senator, Saxby Chambliss that is being run by the Democrats in support of Jim Martin.  Unfortunately I was not able to get down there and it was raining heavily so the conference was moved inside the “Gold Dome” (as we call it down here).  My friend  Don Williamson was there and he filed this report that you can read after the jump.

As many of you know, a group called the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Harry Reed (D-NV) authorized television ads in Georgia and other states attacking Congressmen/women and Senators alike who support The Fair Tax. Attacking political opponents may be their business, but when they purposefully misrepresent The Fair Tax -THAT MAKES IT OUR BUSINESS!

Within 24 hours of the attacks being aired, a press conference was held under the gold domed Capitol in Atlanta to publicly denounce the “lies”.  Gene Key, our State Director coordinated this effort along with Ken
Hoagland, AFFT National Communications Director, who flew in at the last minute from Houston to speak at this media event.

Gene started off the conference by exposing the ads as a deliberate misrepresentation of the
facts as a means of political gain. “Elimination of the IRS and the income  tax code” were just some of the obvious facts left out of the ad which Gene brought to light.

Ken Hoagland then put forward 3 important points about The Fair Tax as itrelates to our current economic troubles-

* If the Fair Tax were in place today, homeowners would begin receiving an immediate and permanent economic stimulus and be able to pay their mortgages instead of defaulting on them. This stimulus is
the direct result of wage earners keeping their entire paycheck and not requiring the government to “bail-out” homeowners that are in jeopardy.

* There would be no “credit-crunch” in the American economy with the trillions of dollars in offshore accounts immediately flowing into our banking and lending institutions for investment. The reason these dollars are held offshore in the first place is because America’s corporate tax code is the 2nd highest in the world and with the Fair Tax; the rate becomes 0%, making America the lowest rate in the world.

* Finally, in regards to economic growth, the bottom of that pyramid is made up of the citizens being the most productive they can possibly be and this requires good and high-paying jobs to keep that growth going. The Fair Tax automatically reverses the outsourcing trend and brings back the manufacturing and service industries that were once the backbone of our economy.

Congressman John Linder then briefly spoke about further benefits of his bill and then introduced Herman Cain to the podium. At this point, Herman made it very evident that the gloves were off. To paraphrase, ” I have 3 reasons I am here today: Number 1-They have attacked a candidate that I support, Number 2-They attacked the Fair Tax which I also support, and Number 3 – They pissed me off!”

Herman then went on to provide example after example where the Fair Tax could benefit the American economy and lambasted Jim Martin for not showing up at the press conference although Martin’s campaign personnel were present. One point brought out in Herman’s remarks were most notably how Democrats use The Fair Tax as a weapon against their opponents by “lying” about The Fair Tax. Herman then went on to state that since he was not running in any campaign, that he did not have to be politically correct, that the ads are an outright lie about the Fair Tax and their portrayal of Saxby Chambliss for supporting the bill.

Herman also brought with him a statement from former Governor and Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee who publicly supported the efforts and message of the Americans For Fair
Taxation. Governor Huckabee was one of the most noted proponents of The Fair Tax during his campaign and raised awareness of our bill to millions of Americans earlier in the year during the primary battles.

Unfortunately, I could not be there with you today as you gather to rally in support of the Fair Tax.Many of you often heard me say during the past Presidential campaign that I would have liked to be the President that nails the going-out-of-business sign on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) doors, well
Congressman John Linder and Senator Saxby Chambliss feel the same way.

Just imagine, April 15 as just another beautiful spring day, not the dreaded day it has become for so many Americans.  How can you and I make this happen? The answer is amazingly simple – we need to enact the Fair Tax.  And the only way that can happen is by electing strong leaders like Sen. Chambliss and Congressman Linder that will work to get the job done.

The fair tax would allow the American people to keep 100% of their paychecks.  Now the skeptics will say the Fair Tax will increase prices and is impossible to enact.  Well it won’t, and it’s not.  What I do know is this: the Fair Tax doesn’t have a chance if we don’t have the right courage and the right leadership in Congress to see the task through.The latest attack on Senator Chambliss and the Fair Tax is deplorable, because it deliberately distorts the facts.  The ad gives no evidence in support of its claim, only quotes taken out of context and the same old rhetoric we have come to expect from the far left.  We cannot let these misrepresentations stand, they must be corrected.

I applaud Congressman Linder and Senator Chambliss for their steadfast support of not only the Fair Tax, but the conservative principles of Life, Marriage, and the 2nd amendment.

Fighting for the Cause,

Mike Huckabee

Finally Senator Saxby Chambliss came to the podium and thanked the 50+ group that stood behind him for coming on such short notice. He pointed out that Georgians already know better than to listen to outsiders like Senator Chuck Schumer and went on to say that attacking the Fair Tax in Georgia, the starship of the movement, will backfire and actually help with him being re-elected.

At this point, the media was given the opportunity to ask questions of which there were none. The press conference then concluded lasting just under an hour.

Since this point, Governor Huckabee has endorsed Saxby Chamliss through HuckPAC and Fair Taxers from all over the state and the nation have joined the call to fight on Saxby’s side. The Democrats have made a huge mistake and while Election night might not be a good one for Republicans this fumble may keep the Democrats from achieving the super majority that they are seeking.

(Editor’s note – Thanks to FairTax 7th District Director, Steve Arnold for the photos from the Press Conference.)

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