A FairTax Action Alert!!!

At the press conference held in the Capitol in downtown Atlanta this Friday,
Gene Key, Ken Hoagland and Herman Cain came out swinging in support of a
cause we all believe in: The Fair Tax.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Chuck Schumer of New York
have been running television ads in Georgia running down The Fair Tax and in
Herman’s words “ARE AN OUTRIGHT LIE!” Regardless of your party preference,
The Fair Tax is AN American issue, NOT a political one and it is up to every
one of us to put pressure on Jim Martin’s campaign office to get it stopped.
You are part of a large group that represents almost 10% of the entire
voting base here in Georgia and it is time for us to make it known that we
will not stand for these attacks. If Jim Martin has the intention of
representing Georgia voter concerns, than he can stop the ads from playing,
otherwise it gives the appearance that he has already put his party first
before listening to us.

All of you that receive this email need to do the following at once:

1. Contact Martin’s office on a continuous basis using email AND phone
calls until they stop the ad. PHONE# 404-347-9766 EMAIL: info@martinforsenate.com

2. Send this message out to your co-workers, family friends and have them
do the same.

3. Make sure you and as many friends/family/co-workers attend the November
2nd Fair Tax Rally with Herman Cain, John Oxendine and others in downtown
Macon (Georgia) at 3rd & Cherry St park from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.



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