Oxendine To Martin: “Be Fair To Georgia On The FairTax!”

The following is a press release from Georgia’s State Insurance commissioner and Republican Candidate for Governor, John Oxendine. The release is related to the attack ad that is being run against Saxby Chambliss on the FairTax:   

       October 17, 2008                                          Kathryn Ballou, (404) 558-4905    

Oxendine to Martin:  Be Fair to Georgia about the Fair Tax   
Stop Lying about the Fair Tax and Start Telling the Truth   

Demonstrating exactly how out of touch he is with main street Georgia, Jim Martin has allowed the liberals in Washington, DC to inject their special interest money in Georgia to misrepresent the Fair Tax as they launch an unwarranted and misleading attack on Senator Saxby Chambliss.

The Fair Tax will bring businesses and much needed jobs to Georgia and the rest of the country. It is a solution that is needed to grow our economy.   

The Fair Tax is just that – fair. Jim Martin is desperately trying to get to Washington to be one more liberal vote in Harry Reid’s Senate and this deceptive and negative attack on the Fair Tax and Senator Chambliss demonstrates just how out of touch with Georgia Jim Martin is.   

Georgia supports the Fair Tax and Georgia supports Saxby Chambliss.

John Oxendine
Oxendine Working for Georgia

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