A FairTax Message from John Linder

The following is a message from FairTax sponsor and my Rep in the US House, John Linder (GA-7):

Knowing of your support for H.R. 25, the FairTax, I wanted to tell you a little about our success in the 110th Congress, and why your continued support is now more important than ever.

Throughout the 110th Congress, the FairTax has experienced incredible bi-partisan success. I re-introduced the FairTax on January 4, 2007, with only 24 co-sponsors. Since then, the FairTax has amassed 72 co-sponsors in the U.S. House – more than any other fundamental tax reform plan currently pending before Congress. Of these 72 Members, 22 are first-time co-sponsors. This unprecedented growth in FairTax co-sponsorship is undoubtedly a direct result of individuals like yourself working hard to spread the FairTax message.

As the strength of our economy has waned, your vigilant support for the FairTax has become even more important. While many believe that the answer to the current financial crisis is increased government intervention, I believe the government needs to get out of our markets and out of our paychecks. While increasing government involvement may seem to help in the short term, in reality, it will only exacerbate our economic problems. We can absolutely revitalize our economy, and make it stronger and more prosperous than it has ever been before. To do so, however, will force those in Washington to relinquish power and put it back where it belongs – in the hands of the American people.

American innovation and growth is being crushed beneath the weight of an onerous tax system that is driving us to the brink of economic destruction. Simple reform is no longer an option. It is absolutely necessary that we eliminate our abusive income tax code and replace it with a simple system that rewards productivity, increases our competitiveness in the global market, and brings new investment and capital formation to the United States.

As supporters of the FairTax, you and I both know that eliminating our current system in favor of a simple, transparent personal consumption tax will jump start our economy. Simply put, when we implement the FairTax, U.S. businesses can start to operate with no Federal tax component on either capital or labor, and we therefore unleash the potential of American entrepreneurship. Almost immediately, companies around the world will start outsourcing jobs to America, not the other way around. By eliminating the disadvantage imposed by our own government through the current tax system, we will give the American people the incentive to look for the “Made in America” label once again, and we can revolutionize our economy in a way that no other piece of legislation has been able to do in modern times.

I pledge to you that I will never give up the fight for fundamental tax reform, and I ask that you continue to stand with me so that we may pass along a brighter, more prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.


John Linder
Member of Congress

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