Democrats Declare War On The FairTax In Anti-Chambliss Ad

In a year in which the environment for Republicans is very bleak the Democrats are hoping to snatch every Senate seat they can get their hands on and they have the money to do it.  They are even trying to unseat Georgia Republican Incumbent Saxby Chambliss.  With their wad of dough, The Democratic Senatorial Committee is now running this ad against Saxby:

Granted there are many things Senator Chambliss has done wrong. He supported McCain’s efforts for Anety for Illegal Aliens, He endorsed John McCain for President during the primaries,  he served as a member of the “Gang of Ten” to fight the Republican Energy Revolt, and he voted for the $700 Billion bailout.  However the one thing he has gotten right is supporting the FairTax and sponsoring the bill in the US Senate.

The only way Saxby Chambliss is going to lose re-election is if enough Conservatives vote for the Libertarian.  This ad does Jim Martin no favors.    I will admit I have been very mad lately at Saxby but this ad reminded me why I supported him in the first place.  I am sure many other Conservatives are reminded of that too.

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