Huck: "The Fleecing of the American Taxpayer"

Governor Mike Huckabee continued his strong response to the bailout proposal this evening in his latest e-mail to supporters:  

We’ve received am overwhelming response to my last email.  The comments my email generated were loud and clear:  we have had enough of Washington’s knee-jerk big government and we want and demand a return to the conservatism our Party has championed for decades.

We also had over 500 contributors more than 300 of whom were first time supporters of Huck PAC.  Let’s keep that momentum going.

If you have already responded to my email with a contribution please leave a comment on my blog because I want to hear what you think.

If you haven’t yet, I strongly urge you to do so.  Even if it is for just 5 or 10 dollars you will be making a difference.  And if you can afford to contribute 25, 50, 75, 100 or more please do so now. 

And then after you have contributed please leave a comment on my blog post titled “The Fleecing of the American Taxpayer.”

The word out of Washington this afternoon is that Congress and the Bush administration are very close to an agreement on The “Bailout”.  I can’t tell you how disappointed and disgusted I am with this news.  Like most Americans I have no idea what this “Sweetheart” deal will consist of, but I do know that forcing the American  people to accept the secretive work of Washington politicians is just plain wrong.  Now more than ever, I need you financial help to fight back against the inside the beltway gang.  Please make the largest contribution that you can afford today.  The battle begins now.

God Bless

Mike Huckabee

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