A Day I’ve Dreaded For A Long Time – Larry Munson Retires

I knew this day was eventually coming for years now but I still dreaded it.  The longtime voice of the Dawgs, Larry Munson announced his immediate retirement yesterday after a career of 43 long years.  He will be celebrating his 86th Birthday on Sunday and decided that it was the right time hang it up.  Last year Munson’s failing health prevented him to travel to road games.

Many an autumn Saturday was spent listening to Larry’s gravely, yet golden voice.  His wit and humor and unabashed passion for his team will never be matched and can never be replaced.  Not only did he serve as the University of Georgia’s football announcer, he was their Basketball voice for many years as well.  In addition for several years he served as the voice for the Atlanta Falcons.  Over the years he had a hunting and fishing TV show, a daily sports talk show, and each day began with his pearls of wit and wisdom during his morning commentary.  There was not a lot of good having to get up at 4:30 AM each morning during High School but the best part was being blessed with Larry’s daily commentary about sports, his movie group, and all those funny stories!  

However being around for 43 long years must have meant that he did a pretty good job, right?  No.  That is not the word to describe Larry Munson.  To me and many others down here HE IS THE BEST!  I think there was no one better behind the mic when a game was coming down to its crucial and exciting conclusion.  Yeah Larry was fun to listen to at any time but during the last five minutes of a game he knew when to ramp up the emotion and make sure you heart started beating out of your chest.  Every glory and failure was entertaining to listen to through his words.  Whether I was jumping up and down  or throwing my hat down in disgust with Larry at the mic you knew he had the same feelings and you had a friend on the air to celebrate or cry with. 

Best of luck in your retirmen Larry and God’s speed!  We will miss your voice on Saturdays but forever in our ears and our memories your voice will ring throughout them for the rest of time!  


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