I know that most of the time I don’t talk about myself around these parts.  I beg your indulgence for at least a few minutes because I would to share with y’all the joy that was my 26th Birthday!  

I volunteer a lot of my time to The Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett – a private school for kids with special needs.  My Mom is their secretary.  I love these kids to death and I have known some of the students for at least ten years.  One of the things I do most of the time for them is to provide sound and DJ services for their programs, parties, and other events whenever desired.  Thus it was not unusual when my Mom asked me to provide my services for a Birthday party earlier this week.  One of their students, Andrew, is about to turn 16 years old.  However what was odd was that the party was scheduled for Friday afternoon, September 19th, my Birthday.  Out of all days I could say no my Birthday is the only day I could possibly say it.  However I can’t say no to any of these children.  I love them too much to do so.  So I agreed and get my equipment ready to go for a 2 PM party on Friday.  

My dad drove me over to the school and I got there around 1:15.  I was definitely early and it did not take very long to set up.  Classes were still in session so I sat outside at my table until it was time to start.  I realized that this might be a party for someone else but thought they would know that it was my Birthday and note it appropriately when walking by from building to building.  However they didn’t seem to notice and this even included their principle who knows me very well.  I would soon realize that it was all a big set up!  

2 PM rolled around quickly and the students were let out of their class rooms.  My usual operating procedure was that when they came over in my direction en mass that meant it was time for me to start playing the tunes for them.  That is exactly what I started to do.  However I noticed a few glaring things.  (1).  When my dad helps me set up after mic check he usually heads off to run some errands.  He never left.  (2).  I’ve played Andrew’s party before.  He did not seem to be treated special or seem any more happy than he usually is.  He didn’t even have a hat or a button on to signify that this was his Birthday party.  

Everything became very clear to me in a very short order.  The school’s principle, Ms. Elinore asked for the microphone after a few songs played.  She remarked about how Andrew was turning 16 and asked his friends to wish him well.  Then she paused, “We have a slight problem.  These packages don’t have Andrew’s name on them.  It’s Brian’s Birthday!”  then they brought the cake and presents out and the jig was up! 

Usually having a surprise party thrown for you (that was the first time ever for me) would be enough to make ones Birthday extra special.  However the surprises were not over.  Not by a long shot!!!  

I had a few hours to kill before going out to Red Lobster for my family Birthday dinner.  I spent those hours reflecting on the year I had just had and the year to come.  Things are definitely looking up for me after a year that brought a lot of new challenges that I met with varied degrees of success.  Things are changing for the better and I am now working to raising the bar for myself and better my life and my world around me.  However there was one more thing that would make my Birthday complete and wrap a nice red bow on the year that had just passed and all my hard work and effort during it.  

My family had 6:30 PM Reservations for Red Lobster and around 6 PM we broke up into groups and drove off in three cars headed to my restaurant of choice for the evening.  I was aware of a possibility of a phone call of some kind around this time of the day and I made sure that my ringer was set higher than normal, just in case it came while I was eating.  It wasn’t ten minutes that the vehicle I was riding in had departed my house when my phone began to ring.  I noticed it was a private number and I picked it up right away.  

“Hello.” I greeted my mystery caller.  
“Hello.  Is this Brian?” said the man on the other end.  

At this point I went stiff and into shock.  I knew exactly who had just called me and was speaking to me at present.  


Over the past two weeks a gradual build up to my Birthday was made by two good friends of mine and they said they were working on a doozy of a surprise.  They were not kidding!!!  This was not a piece of cake operation.  They played me and my emotions like a drum.  They made sure that when I got the call that I would it would be a complete surprise.       

Not only did he call me but he had to call me twice. After 30 seconds the call dropped and I became somewhat frantic because I had seen the top of the mountain but had fallen off a cliff if the analogy makes sense. However Mike went above and beyond the call of duty and called back! 

So I know what you are asking “Well Brian, what did Mike have to say?” He first wished me a very Happy Birthday. He also thanked me for my hard work and effort to get him elected. Then he told me that my life story inspires a lot of people INCLUDING HIMSELF!!! Poor Mike – I could barely talk in coherent sentences I was in so much shock. I had a list of things I wanted to say to Mike if I ever got the chance but when he called I figuratively wet myself with those thoughts and instead did a very bad impression of Porky Pig!  

Many of my friends and team mates have had the honor and pleasure of talking to Mike, while getting to see him speak and shaking his hand.  They know what I know now – That Governor Mike Huckabee is the genuine article and a kind, honest, and authentic man.  The qualities that endeared me to him were on a grand display.  I could not be prouder to have supported him, worked so hard for him, and stand beside him in a common endeavor today!    

It was truly the best Birthday ever and included the surprise of a lifetime!  For about 24 hours following the call I was literally floating on air.  I worked tirelessly for Mike for months and sacrificed much in the process with little to show for it.  In the span of two minutes all the work became instantly worth it!    Now I may not be floating on air anymore but I am pumped and energized to continue fighting for Mike, HuckPAC, and the causes we are fighting for as a team together!  


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