Dear friends:

I am a candidate for the United States Senate in the great state of Michigan. I am running against a firmly entrenched liberal by the name of Carl Levin. He has been in office for thirty years. Voters have never had a clearer choice than they do this year.

Senator Levin and I could not be more different. While his legacy is one of ever increasing the tax burden on families and businesses, supporting a woman’s “right to choose” abortion, even partial birth abortion, and refusing to open domestic oil supplies. He has been soft on the sanctity of marriage and unreliable on the issue of border security.

I have a six-year record fighting higher taxes and spending. I have never voted for a tax increase and voted against last year’s $1.4 billion spending increase. As the former executive director of a crisis pregnancy center, I certainly understand and have actively defended the constitutional right to life of all persons, from conception to natural death. I fought for the successful passage of the Marriage Amendment in Michigan. I have pledged to take a strong stand in defense of our borders as a Senator from Michigan. I was honored to receive the endorsement of Mike Huckabee a couple of weeks ago.

Carl Levin is one of the most liberal senators in Washington. He has been a leader in working against the conservative ideals of senators like Tom Coburn from Oklahoma and Jim DeMint from South Carolina. These men have been champions for the issues you and I hold dear, but they need help. As the coalition of conservative leaders in the Senate grows, we will begin to positively affect policy for ALL Americans.

I am the decided underdog, but I am with you on the issues that matter. After fighting for six years in the Michigan Legislature for less government, personal responsibility, and core family values, I am ready to take those principles to Washington. The only challenge is getting people to know who I am and what I stand for. Can I count on your support? Would you be willing to go online to JackForMichigan.org and make a $10 contribution? Can I ask you to help us by making a dozen (or more) phone calls to voters in Michigan?

We have a great grass roots ground team here in Michigan. But we need all the help we can muster. I hope I can count on you to be a part of this effort. For more information about the campaign and my voting record, go to www.JackForMichigan.org.

Thanks for your consideration.


Jack Hoogendyk

Candidate for US Senate

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  1. R. George Dunn Says:

    Thank YOu Brian for posting this. I have met Jack several times, heard him speak on the issues. He is the real thing and needs support agains the war chess of Carl Levin. It is our hope to rally the grassroots of America to get Jack elected. If everyone gave at least 10 dollars, we are sure to do so.

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