Good morning everyone! I know there are several Huckabee bloggers out there. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU!!! That’s right. Listen up! It’s time to get active again. The Summer is almost over and soon enough the general election will be weeks away. Okay so we didn’t get our man the nomination. It’s okay. There are many candidates and causes worth supporting out there. In the coming days action will be required on the Pro-Life and Defense of Marriage initiatives that Mike and HuckPAC will probably be kicking off soon.

We worked very hard blogging for Mike for many months. I needed a break and I think we all did. I have not been as active lately myself so I completely understand.. However the time has come to come out of hibernation because it’s time to answer his call again. There is too much at stake. I urge all the Huckabee bloggers out there to get active again. We’ve got a lot of work to do!


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