Big Week For Governor Huckabee

this is probably the biggest, busiest week for Governor Huckabee on the scene since he dropped out of the 2008 Presidential race back in March!  the week began last Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa.  Huck returned to the site of our big January Caucus win.  He was originally scheduled to be there in mid June but the Iowa GOP Convention had to be postponed due to the terrible flooding they were experiencing at the time.  

As at the GOP conventions in North Carolina and Texas, Governor Huckabee made an excellent speech and was enthusiastically received.  You can read a report about his appearance, listen to the speech, and listen to an interview with Mike over at Radio Iowa.  More coverage can be found in a live blog from the event from John DeethHERE.  

From Des Moines it was off to New York City for Huck.  He is up in the Big Apple at the Fox News studios.  He appeared on Fox And Friends this morning and will on Hannity & Coumes this evening.  Tomorrow night he’ll be in the “No Spin Zone” with Bill O’Reilly.  He is also in discussion with the Fox News people about the show he will be hosting at a later date.  I can’t wait.  Unfortunately I am without Cable so I will not get to see Huck on TV this time but I can’t wait to hear about the new show!  

EDIT:  the following is an update from an E-mail I recieved from Huck that he sent to his supporters:  

Saturday I was back in Iowa for the first time since we won the caucuses on January 3. Seeing dear friends and “family” that we came to truly love during the process was such a wonderful reminder of how hard our friends there worked to give us such a boost. I spoke at the GOP State Convention and at a fundraiser for the Iowa Family Policy Council headed by Chuck Hurley.

I’m in New York for a few days to meet with Fox News officials and discuss a show I would host as well as appear on numerous Fox programs in the next few days. On Tuesday and Wednesday, a really special opportunity for me—I’ll be subbing for the legendary and immortal Paul Harvey on the ABC Radio Network. As someone whose first job was in local radio in Hope, AR at the age of 14, the thought of subbing for Paul Harvey is truly a special honor.

I get home Wednesday just in time to catch a flight on Thursday to Rwanda, where I’ll be part of a bi-partisan delegation that will include Cindy McCain, former Senators Bill Frist and Tom Daschle, John Kasich, and Leon Panetta and John Podesta. I’m sure it will be an enlightening week and I will try to report to you from there as time and technology allows.

As is usual, my flight to New York was delayed (welcome to the world of airline travel) and it felt much like summer a year ago when I spent many an evening in airport terminals waiting on word of flights grounded by weather, crew issues, or air traffic. I hope you will say a few prayers for me this week—for travel mercies, wisdom in being on shows like Hannity and Colmes and O’Reilly, and for clarity when substituting for Paul Harvey—then start praying some more as we travel to Rwanda for a week.

Of course, remember Tony Snow’s family in your prayers. He was a class act.

All the best,

Mike Huckabee

P.S. Vertical Day is July 23rd so be sure to mark your calendars. Eight candidates have confirmed their participation including Senators Dole, Cornyn, Inhofe and Alexander.

Also, I am now using Twitter to keep my supporters updated on the latest news. So be sure to start following me on Twitter today.

In addition Mike Huckabee is being blessed with opportunity to fill in for the immortal and legendary Paul Harvey on Tuesday and Wednesday.  In addition Mike has written a guest blog on Texas Senator “Big John” Cornyn’s website this morning on Energy Independence.
If that wasn’t enough, later this week Mike Huckabee with be traveling with Cynthia McCain, Bill Frist, Tom Dascle, and others on a bipartisan trip to Rwanda for the ONE Campaign – A Campaign that supports the elimination of the AIDS epidemic and a solution to global hunger and poverty. 

Good luck and God’s Speed this week Governor!  


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