More on The History Made In South Carolina

I have more detailed information and analysis on the history made in South Carolina over this past weekend.

First of all is an article over at BlogHub by a blogger who is following Campaign 2008 in The Palmetto State.

Governor Mike Huckabee, who endorsed the newly elected Committeeman, Glen McCall, Congratulates McCall on winning and the GOP and people of South Carolina on this huge event:

-Mike Huckabee

With Glenn McCall’s election this weekend as Republican National Committeeman, South Carolina Republicans have gained a strong, capabale leader prepared for the challenges ahead. I was proud to endorse Glenn in the leadup to the convention and look forward to watching him help move the Party forward.

As a man of faith, Glenn believes in defining marriage between one man and one woman, and that we must fight to protect the unborn. Also, Glenn believes in protecting our freedoms, and for that reason he is an avid second amendment supporter. You can read more about Glenn here.

Republicans everywhere are going to face many challenges in the weeks and months ahead. We need strong leaders willing to lead us forward with new ideas. Glenn is such a leader. Congratulations Glenn! You didn’t just win this weekend, South Carolina won, as did our Republican Party.


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