Huck Tops McCain’s Short List!

BoldAccording to a blog post on the site of US News & World Report it appears that Mike Huckabee is at the top (or very near it) on John McCain’s short list for Vice-President. You can read the story here. I can tell you one thing. The moment McCain picks Huckabee is the moment I sign on with the ticket. Otherwise you can forget it! Not only would I support a McCain/Huckabee ticket but I would volunteer for the campaign and do the same things I did for Huck when he was running for the nomination outright. Without Huck on McCain’s ticket all I’d be doing by voting for him is voting for the lesser of two evils. I refuse to stoop to the level.

As of this moment I’d be writing in Huckabee’s name (if he is not on McCain’s ticket) this November. So why not Barr? Best of luck to Bob Barr but he is getting a little too cozy with the Paulites by trying to steal them away from the GOP. There’s nothing wrong with that except that Ron Paul brought lots of new voters into the GOP camp by running for President (Just as Huckabee did). The GOP needs a good scrub down and the best way to change the party is to get involved and make efforts to make changes instead of leaving it (as Bob Barr is suggesting). For the record Ron Paul would make an excellent Governor and I would support him. However he would not make a good President because of his isolationist policies. If you think the World looks at us like a Pariah now just wait until we bring all troops home, seal the borders, kick out the UN, and ignore the problems of the world. However I think Ron Paul has some great ideas domestically and we could use his supporters help to shape the new GOP platform.

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One Response to “Huck Tops McCain’s Short List!”

  1. USpace Says:

    If McCain chooses Huckabee he’s an idiot. There are more people that he would lose in the middle to just gain a few mod-conservative Christians. Maybe McCain doesn’t really want it, or maybe the TriLat Comm. or others in charge, tell him that Obama must be POSTUS. He would win if he chose a young, conservative minority like Michael Steele or Bobby Jindal.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    throw the election

    you don’t really want the job
    it is the socialists’ turn

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    be a conservative

    in name only that is
    vote Left on most BIG issues


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