This is Ridiculous!

I am sitting here watching coverage of the Pennsylvania Primary Returns. Each network has these talking heads with their fancy maps and they are trying their very best to explain delegates and all of that. From what I can see that it is possible for Senator Clinton to win the popular vote and still get slighted in delegates because they are allocated by congressional district. However the districts that are more favorable to Democratic candidates have a higher count of delegates allocated to them. Putting two and two together these areas that have higher delegate allocated would favor Obama. Do I have a problem with states having different amounts of delegates? No. Do I have a problem with the delegates being given out by congressional district? No. What I DO have a problem with is giving different delegates counts to different congressional distircts. If I was a Democrat in Pittsburgh my vote should carry the same weight as if I was a Democrat in Philly. We’re both Democrats. It’s THAT simple!

THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! The primary system in both parties is royally screwed up! If there is anything I have taken out of this whole process it is that. I have no doubt about it. This tears it! First the states wet themselves trying to be the first to have their primary, Then the national parties penelize and disenfracnises the voters in these states. I’ve seen state parties (Washington’s GOP and Texas Democrats) take days to count caucus ballots, Louisiana’s GOP choice wins the popular vote but the party goes to the back room and gives the delegates to someone else. this process is so screwed up it is very hard to answer the question “Who wins?” Well It is very easy to figure out who the losers are and that is the American people. How sad and infuriating!


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