Check Out Govit!

One of the many blogs I read is called Mashable. The blog deals with the latest Web 2.0 apps that appear on the scene and news about current ones (such as Twitter and others). Today on their blog they profiled a new site called Govit and I think it is really cool! Have you ever wanted to have a voice and actually vote on a resolution or a bill that has been submitted in Congress? Well Govit actually gives you that chance! It really doesn’t count but it’ll give you the feeling of actually being involved. Not only that but after you vote yea or nay on a bill or resolution you can send your opinion off to your Representatives so that they know what you think If at some point your opinion on the matter changes you can go back and change your vote. You can also discuss each bill with the rest of the community. There are also profiles for each member of Congress, their voting records, bills they have sponsored and bills they have submitted in the hopper. Pretty neat huh? Check it out!

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One Response to “Check Out Govit!”

  1. Taylor Norrish Says:

    Hi BDBopper

    This is Taylor, founder of Govit. Glad you like the site!

    There’s a couple of great bills you might be interested in…

    Veterans Dental Care

    Global Warming – Participate in Kyoto Treaty

    Border fence —

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