So Now What?

There is a question that must be asked today. So….now what? I started this blog with different intentions than what it became for the past seven months. Do I regret it? Heck No! Nor will I delete everything from that point in time. The blog entries about the Huckabee Campaign in 2008 will remain as a historical testament to the great effort that I was proud to be a small part of. However I will be removing most of the Huckabee content on the right side of the page. The Campaign is over so there is no need to display the banners and widgets anymore. However the blog roll will stay as I am sure Mike will not be deleting his. Both Huck’s Army and Mike Huckabee’s website will be kept going as of this post. There are no indications otherwise. Of course if any of that changes we’ll burn that bridge when we get there.

Expect more general posts. I will get back to doing what I started with this blog and sharing with you content that I feel is important. Yes some of that will be political in nature. However, a lot of it won’t. There will be posts about music, and sports, and videos and more cool stuff. I’ll be getting my butt back on the Internet Airwaves this spring and will use this blog for those means as well.

In case you are interested back in January I started another blog of sorts. It’s very different. I realized that while I was using this blog to campaign I needed a more appropriate place to share my thoughts, feelings, and emotions about my life in general. Yes a lot of them dealt with the campaign but some of them were not related to it at all. I started a Live Journal. You can go and view it HERE I’ll be continuing to post there and I will add a link to the side panel as I am re-designing this blog as we go along this week. Well it is almost spring so it must be time for some Spring Cleaning. How appropriate!

Thank you for sticking around with me through this journey we’ve been on together with the Huckabee campaign. I’ve met many friends and I pray that we stick together and grow those friendships. However it is time to move on and move forward!

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