More OTS Updates

I have some more updates from Operation Texas Surge. Unlike the last few these are not my own. I am just passing them along. Our first update comes from Oliver, the Meetup organizer in College Station:

Things are going real well. I have a tendency to be a little pessimistic, but am constantly encouraged by other supporters in College Station. I’m giving away the last of the Huckabee signs tonight, and all the fliers are gone too. I know one woman is hitting up 8 polling places tonight, 1 guy hit up 5 yesterday and some along the major highway, another woman is getting about 6, so things are really going well. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens on Tuesday! -Oliver

Next up is an update from the group handling operations in Lubbock:

Coming at you from the second most conservative city in the United States, according the Lubbock, Texas where OTS is out in full force!

Our team included two from Southern California and one from New Mexico. The two of us from Southern California flew into Albuquerque, New Mexico where we met up with the New Mexico Huckabee Meetup State Coordinator. Together, we drove into Lubbock.

The city of Lubbock has 200,000 people. According to, seventy five percent of it’s population votes conservative and twenty five percent votes liberal.

According to the local Meetup coordinator, Andrew Vaughn, there has been very little media coverage prior to Mike’s rally in the city on Friday. The locals selected a venue that held 100 people and at the last minute decided to move the rally outside to accomodate more people. Good thing, too! Three hunded people came!

The next day the rally was the lead story in the city’s only newspaper on the front page with a full color photo of Huckabee playing his bass at the rally. Great press!

Saturday night we caught up with the Meetup to plan strategy for each day all the way through the day after the primary!

Here is what we did / are doing:

– Morning sign wave
– Voter guide distribution on car windshields at major chuches
– Afternoon sign wave

– Discover Huckabee Issues Roundtable – Invited

– Precinct coverage
– Watch party

– Gather materials and drive to New Mexico

This is just Lubbock! We also campaigned in Albuquerque before we left for Lubbock. More to come…

Here’s an update from the folks from N. Florida who are on the ground in Houston:

Groggy report from the ground in Conroe/Houston. I did manage to stay awake during church. It was so heartening to hear the pastor their inform his church of who he would be voting for! Mike Huckabee!!! It was really nice to see a man of God take a public stand for the right candidate for a change. Mike spoke briefly as he introduced Tim LaHaye. We left the church and headed to the gun show in Pasadena. Only in Texas can you leave church and go shop for guns! LOL.

We got a really good response from the patrons there. Many had bought the theory of McCain’s inevitability but we’re eager to learn of the brokered convention’s history. We gave away several signs, lots of buttons and bumper stickers and sold a few of bpassmore’s shirts!

Then the menfolk headed off to put up the ginormous signs we brought. We took miracleshappen and her children and headed to Huntsville to visit the statue of Sam Houston. I will post pics tomorrow after I find a way to resize them! That is one big statue!

When we got home we were reminded that today is a very special day. Yes, it’s my DH’s birthday (thanks for letting me be away!), but it is also TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!

If the Texans I met today are anything like their neighbors, we won’t need to worry about those silly polls come Tuesday! There are a lot of enthusiastic Huck supporters here. I met several people that told me they were going to vote for him even though they believed he couldn’t win! They are not going to continue to vote for the lesser of two evils and they aren’t going to let a pundit tell them how to vote!

I’m nearing comatose levels now, so I’ll post more tomorrow. Jerod and I are headed to San Antonio to help set up for the rally and then to work the polls on Tuesday. Erin will be taking a much needed mini-vacation with friends.

Remember San Jacinto, folks!

We have a lot of great people o nthe ground giving their all for Huckabee in Texas! Way to go!

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