My Heart Goes Out to A Friend

I wanted to post a special note this afternoon. The note is for my friend, the blogger Michigan Redneck. She is definitely a friend of me and to this blog. Not only did we blog for Huckabee (until she switched her allegiance to Fred) but we share the same taste in music as Rockabilly fans. With Fred Thompson dropping out today I am sure she is sad and my heart goes out to her. If the shoe was on the other foot today I’d be inconsolable. I want to offer my virtual hugs and support. No matter who you support we will always be friends. Please know that. Us Rockabilly fans gotta stick together.

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One Response to “My Heart Goes Out to A Friend”

  1. Michigan Redneck Says:

    Thank you for the note. I didn’t notice your post yesterday, sorry. I was in “mourning.” Regardless of who the nom is, it looks like the primary ahead is still a long journey. While we may disagree on whom to support, at this moment, I do support your blogging.

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