Governor Huckabee Appeals to Georgia Volunteers in Video, Grassroots Phone Banking Begins

The follwing is a press release From Georgia For Huckabee:

Huckabee Message

Fresh on the heels of victory in Iowa, Governor Mike Huckabee has filmed an informal video asking Georgia Republicans to support “leadership that will help the country go up and not down.” Invoking Governor Sonny Perdue‘s long-shot win in 2002, Governor Huckabee said Americans are about to see the same outcome. He issued a plea for Georgians to get involved in the campaign: “I hope you’ll join us in Georgia because February the 5 th is coming up quickly. By the time we get there, we would like to secure the nomination. And with your help, that is exactly what we are going to do.”

To answer Governor Huckabee’s call for support, volunteers can sign up to join a statewide phone banking effort that is underway to contact every household likely to vote in the Republican Presidential Preference Primary.

Contact the appropriate Huckabee Congressional District Chair to receive call lists, scripts and instructions:

District 1: Pat Tippett, 912-367-0003, ; Kay Godwin, 912-449-0962

District 2: Brad Hughes, 229-723-3448,

District 3: Shelby Barker, 678-371-5322,

District 4: Kelly Pharr, 404-376-4771,

District 5: Jim Voyles, 404-851-9704,

District 6: Martin Hawley, 404-771-9180,

District 7: John McGee, 678-546-5110,

District 8: Steve Dillard, 478-745-4442, ;

District 9: Jane Teasley, 706-632-6219,

District 11: Nancy Hollingshed, 770-445-7114,

District 12: Susie Davis, 912-826-3888,

District 13: Bray Wayne, 770-942-4121,

Huckabee to Visit Georgia for Fundraiser and Parade

Governor Mike Huckabee will visit the Peach State on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 for a fundraising event at the Downtown Capitol City Club followed by the Together for Life parade sponsored by Georgia Right to Life.

A VIP reception will begin at the Downtown Capitol City Club at 7:15 am followed by a general reception from 8 am to 9am. VIP admission with photo opportunity is $2300.00 and regular admission to the breakfast is $1, 000.00. Potential hosts (commitment to raise $10,000) and platinum hosts (commitment to raise $25,000) are asked to contact State Finance Director Craig Dowdy at 404-527-4180 or

Checks are made out to Huckabee for President, Inc. and should be mailed prior to the event to State Campaign Director Joe Dendy at 411 Creekview Ct, NW, Marietta, Georgia 30064. Corporations are prohibited from giving and individual contributions are limited to $2300.00. Please place the donor code “HE 64” on the check. Federal law requires the following information also be included with contributions: name, mailing address, occupation, name of employer. Contributions are not tax deductible.

The parade program begins at the State Capitol at 11:30 a.m
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