T Minus 36 Hours And Counting

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes you did not hear from me today. that doesn’t mean I took the day off. I was working behind the scenes and trying to catch as much football as I could. It was not a stressful day but it wasn’t completely relaxing either.

We are now less than 36 hours away from the Caucuses in Iowa. It’s going to be close folks. If you have family or friends in Iowa you need to get on the phone and start calling them. They need to caucus for us. Turnout is going to be key. I have heard on the ground that caucus locations have had to be altered because of the larger than expected interest in the caucuses (probably thanks to Ron Paul and mike Huckabee). It’s all going to come down to who trudges though the snow and freezing weather to caucus and who stays home in their warm houses to watch the Orange Bowl (or something else).

For a holiday, yesterday was quite busy both on the ground in Iowa and on the grassroots front. Stay tuned for an extensive roundup what happened yesterday and what’s going on presently.

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