Mike’s Negative Attack Ad That Won’t Air

Well now I have seen everything. Mike Huckabee spent yesterday in Little Rock filming a new television ad before returning to Des Moines, Iowa. At the same time he scheduled a press conference for Noon today where it was to premiere. Here’s were it gets fun. About an hour before the Press conference was to occur Mike had a change of heart. He decided to scrap the ad and not run it. So Mike would cancel the press conference? No! Not at all. He explained why he had a change of heart but he showed the ad to the press corps to prove to them that he actually recorded an ad! Time has a video of the ad here (partial because there was a technical glitch in the audio of the ad when it was shown…there is audio of the press conference on that page too)

Wow! What has happened is Mike is pissed. I don’t think he cares that Mitt Romney and his allies have attacked with with everything but the kitchen sink. But when Mitt targeted John McCain it crossed the line with him. I applaud Mike for not running the ad and sticking to his principles of running a clean, positive campaign. However showing the ad to the press corps is absolute genius. It’s tantamount to a trick play in football to change the momentum. Mike may have just scored a Touchdown!

So what are the pundits saying? They are buzzing and positive press is being created at a time which Mike needs it the most. The New York Times calls it “a remarkable play!” Politico calls it “an instant classic” Here’s more coverage from the Boston Herald and The Dallas Morning News.

There’s almost instant response from the Romney camp and it is infuirating to read. For fairness the response follows:

Response to Huckabee Event from Romney CampaignFrom Spokesman Kevin Madden:

“We’re proud that Governor Romney has run a campaign about the issues that are important to voters. Governor Romney has worked hard to talk about the vision and experience he has when it comes to keeping taxes low, cutting wasteful spending and securing our borders. He’s worked hard to make his case to voters about leading a Republican Party that will strengthen the American family.

“Mike Huckabee’s troubling record is clearly not holding up well under scrutiny.

“To say one thing one minute and then turn around and show an attack ad to reporters the next will, obviously, leave folks with a very cynical view of Mike Huckabee and his message.”

“Mike Huckabee has turned from nice to very hot-tempered now that his record has been examined by voters.

How will this all play out? We will see on Thursday night I am sure.

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