December 27th Roundup

Good morning!

We are now exactly a week away from Iowa. It’s all coming to a head now.

BTW It’s Freedom Lives Day. Have your made your contribution today? I am not sure how much money we will raise today. The site was flooded with bogus pledges for trolls trying to gum up the works. I’ve made my contribution today. Ever little bit helps!

After dipping in Rasmussen the numbers look more realistic today as Mike leads Rudy 20%-18% (with a three way statistical tie for 3rd place). John McCain is polling highest of those three today. That is no surprise as he is surging in Iowa, and New Hampshire presently. Good for him. Along with Mike John has run a very clean and honorable campaign. I just wish he supported the FairTax, and did not work hard for the Amnesty bill, and did not limit our first amendment right of political free speech with McCain Feingold. I might seriously consider voting for him if he did not have those things hanging over his head for me. I wish John McCain the best of luck. He definitely has my respect compared to Fred and Mitt who I have lost all respect for during this campaign.

As I said yesterday the AOL Straw poll is very interesting. For a time yesterday John McCain led in Wyoming but that didn’t last long. Ron Paul took over Utah for a short time as well but Mitt Romney has regained the lead there. As of this posting Mike Huckabee is winning Georgia and at times has led both Arkansas and Mississippi.

EDIT (1 PM EST) – The states I keep referencing keep going back and forth. Paul again leads Utah, Arkansas, and Georgia. Mississippi is still Huck’s

In other polls, Mike Huckabee now leads in Oklahoma!

There are some new Huckabee endorsements today. Florida state Senator (and Majority Whip), Mike Haridopolos, and former Wyoming Governor (he also served in the House and Senate), Jim Geringer. A few days ago Mike received the endorsement of the Dallas Morning News.

There will be two bloggers calls in the next five days or so. The first one is tomorrow afternoon while Mike travels the trail in Iowa. The 2nd one is really special on New Year’s Day afternoon during the Bloggers Bash the campaign is throwing at the campaign office in Des Moines. While meant for bloggers who are in Iowa or traveling there, there will be a call for those of us who cannot travel up to The Hawkeye State for the Caucus-week push. Chuck Norris will be on the call. I can’t wait! I’ll be all over both calls.

Check out One Mom’s blog. Kerry does an awesome job! Today she has a post documenting Mitt Romney’s panic attack mode he has gone into this past month as he has seen his lead in Iowa disappear and his lead in New Hampshire shrink down to nothing. The other thing I want to point out is not only is Mitt in attack mode but the Conservative elite “Chattering Class” is also in on it as well. I am really starting to get frustrated with a lot of folks who I admired, listened to, and bought books from. I’ve had a bout enough of these Bozos. For people who literally worship at the altar of Ronald Regan they are doing quite a good job at violating…no down right defecating upon Regan’s “11th Ammendment”, Thou Shalt Not Attack A Fellow Republican. Way to go folks! Regan is turning in his grave! OUTRAGEOUS!!


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