Before I Go – A Response To Evangelicals For Mitt (Romney)

Good evening. Before I go I would like to respond to a comment made by Evangelicals For Mitt. I rejected it because I would like to come out in the open and respond to it. For the record this is exactly what was written:


Huckabee cannot win the election. Everyone should know this. What good is his Evangelical background going to do for us Evangelicals when he loses to Hillary in November?

Outside of the Christian Right Huckabee is viewed as yet another Christian from the South with nothing else behind him. I like huckabee but Americans view him as Bush 2.0 and there is NO way Americans are about to put another Bush into office right now.


Thank you for posting your comments. However I respectively disagree with them. Please do note that you have created a dialog. Any other comments from you will be approved and I will respond in kind.

Let me explain where I am coming from. I am not a social conservative however I do think Roe vs Wade should be overturned because the Supreme Court was wrong in taking the case in the first place. They ignored the 10th Amendment.

No matter what my opinions are I can see your point of view quite clearly. I don’t trust Mitt Romney at all. He’s a big-money opportunist who has more flip-flops than the International House of Pancakes on key issues, especially Abortion! Speaking of the Clintons, Mitt reminds me of Bill Clinton saying anything that got him elected. I don’t trust Mitt at all for the same reason. With Mitt’s flip-flopping how can you count on him to appoint Judges that will overturn RVW?

Mike Huckabee on the other hand was pro-life 15 years ago, he is pro-life now and he will be pro-life 15 years from now. His stance on the issue is built on a foundation that is solid as the hardest rock ever created! While Mitt was flip-flopping on Abortion, Governor Mike Huckabee was participating in Pro-life demonstrations in front of his own Capitol in Little Rock! He will be participating in a similar demonstration on January 22nd here in Georgia. Governor Mike Huckabee has a 100% Pro-life record. Any questions about Mike Huckabee and what type of justices he would appoint to the Supreme Court?

Now to electability. You realize that Mike Huckabee is the only person that can say that he ran against the Clinton political machine multiple times and lived to tell the tale at the end of the day? He is definitely the only person in the field to do such a thing and is therefore the only hope for the GOP in 2008. There are many states that shows that Mike would not only beat Hillary but also Obama. Could Mitt Romney beat the Democratic nominee? Possibly but it will be very difficult for people to vote for someone who appears to be a different person on the outside than he is on the inside. On the other hand Mike Huckabee as the nominee will not only unite the base and the party but bring along independents (like me) and conservative Democrats that would otherwise just stay home next November. How would a election night map of Red like Regan’s maps were colored suit you?

Mitt Romney is a big spending candidate that throws stones at targets that did not provoke him. He would continue the further polarization of this nation which is setting up our defeat on the International stage. Mike Huckabee, on the other hand, will unite us once again, as Regan did, to face the challenges of our world and generation with a positive message of Hope that our best days are ahead of us, not in our rear-view mirror. We will again be that shining light on a hill!

THAT is why I support Mike Huckabee over Mitt Romney and why everyone else should!

With that I leave y’all and wish everyone, even supporters of rival campaigns a very Merry Christmas!

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One Response to “Before I Go – A Response To Evangelicals For Mitt (Romney)”

  1. All About Huck Says:

    Great job, Brian!

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