Ho Ho Huckabee – Santa Supports Mike Huckabee!!

This afternoon my Meetup group, led by my awesome and amazing assistant organizer, Lisa Chambers headed over to Gwinnett Place Mall in Duluth Georgia to do some Holiday Shopping for Huckabee! Lisa (pictured on the left) was joined by (from left to right) Kristen, Chris, and John (thanks to John for the picture).

This was week #2 in Holiday Shopping for Huckabee for the Gwinnett County for Mike Huckabee Meetup group. What we have done is go out to a local mall (with our Huckabee gear on) to get our Christmas shopping done, get some exercise, and do some evangelizing for Mike Huckabee. Note that we are not beating people over the heads with it but we are leaving business cards, fliers, and bumper stickers to anyone who asks (and at the stores we shop in). Lisa has led this initiative the past two weeks I have been tied up. We’re gonna do it again next weekend but this time I will be along for the fun. The following report is from Lisa:

Hi Brian,

Today’s Meet-Up went well. We had 4 people there spreading the word about Huck. We gave out a bunch of business cards to direct people to the web site, and gave out a few bumper stickers and round lapel stickers for supporters to make a permanent button like mine.

However that’s not the best part. While he was walking around Gwinnett Place Mall, Chris had exclusive audience with the jolly old elf himself, Santa Claus. Turns out Jolly old Saint Nick is a Huckabee supporter and will be flying around the globe with a Mike Huckabee bumper sticker on the sleigh! Lisa continues:

Chris even talked to Santa and found out that he’s a Huck supporter; so I went back and gave him a bumper sticker

How cool is that? Looks like Santa is getting extra milk and cookies from me this year!


2 Responses to “Ho Ho Huckabee – Santa Supports Mike Huckabee!!”

  1. Winghunter Says:

    “I would like to extend an apology everybody who has been patiently warning me about supporting Mike Huckabee. Today on the Laura Ingram show, I heard in Huckabee what all of you have been saying all along.

    1. She asked about vouchers since the teachers union supported him. He evaded by saying that it was “A states rights issue”.

    Really? What about all the non-state (federal) funding there Mike?

    2. She asked about him supporting the consulate passing out ID cards to illegals so they could establish themselves in the community. He evaded answering the question with jaw dropping political ease.

    ( Names edited ) and others, you were right. This guy is a liberal who doesn’t like abortions. You know what? I don’t like abortions either but I sure as hell don’t like liberals.

    Huckabee is now below McCain in my book. To dodge and evade direct questions is Clintonesque and perhaps that’s fitting due to where he’s from.

    I am embarrassed and disgusted with myself for not seeing this when it shown to me in black and white.

    If anybody from the Huckabee camp reads this, tell the Pastor he fooled a man for about 5 months so he should feel good about that. But also tell him that the same man he fooled is now going to work against him. I got a feeling I won’t be alone.”

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