Saturday Roundup – HUCKABOOM!!


It’s still going strong folks! It amazes even your fellow blogger! Yesterday Newsweek came out with their latest Iowa poll and shows Mike Huckabee with a 2:1 lead on mitt Romney! My gut tells me this is an “outlier poll” but we will have to see how it differs from other polls that are being taken during the same time period. Rasmussen will be coming out with a new poll from The Hawkeye State next week.

Meanwhile there’s shocking news from Michigan this morning where we didn’t have to wait too long to see what the latest data spit out from that state. There is now a statistical three-way tie in Michigan and Huck leads according to the latest Rasmussen poll! Wow!

In other news: Mike Huckabee has laid out his nine point plan for border security and immigration policy. You can read it HERE.

Happy Saturday everyone!


One Response to “Saturday Roundup – HUCKABOOM!!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

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