Good morning everyone! Today, Thursday is “Mobilize For Mike” Day. What’s the goal? The goal is to introduce Governor Mike Huckabee to 100,000 new voters through Mike Huckabee’s website. So far we’re doing pretty well for the non-peak part of the day. the number of people we have sent E-mails to is now 13,210 through 10:16 AM. We can do better! Open up those address books and let’s get those messages flying! the campaign has a few tips to help us out:

Suggestions for emails:

– Focus on friends, family members and co-workers that vote.

– Emails to Independents, Republicans, Democrats are equally important.

– Personalize the message. Don’t just send emails to friends asking them to visit the website, please tell them why it is important that they do.

– Encourage them to forward emails to their friends. Our campaign has always been about friends telling friends about Governor Huckabee. This has been very effective. Let’s keep that going.

– Ask them to become actively involved in the campaign.

So let’s get to it Troops!

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