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Dear FairTax supporters:

They say the FairTax is dead! Did we miss something?

Support for the FairTax is at record levels and folks everywhere are talking about the issue. But to hear a few media types and bloggers describe our movement you’d think it was December 1777 and the FairTax troops were crumbling like the Continental Army at Valley Forge.

This is another underhanded attack by those who profit from manipulation of the tax code.

“Where’d all the FairTaxers go?,” hopes one critic. “Broke and bankrupt,” proclaims another. These “experts” would have you believe the FairTax movement is finished and the end of our great cause is near…It’s a nice story, folks, but I guess these guys don’t know their American history–or the determination we bring to the fight.

Help us prove the critics dead wrong and make this our finest hour.

Like those American patriots at Valley Forge over two centuries ago, FairTax supporters today will be remembered for their remarkable vision, determination and stamina. Like them, we will triumph in the most trying of times. But to achieve that glory and bring the FairTax to reality–finally ending the loathsome income tax and the dreaded IRS–we need your help now as we prepare for the opening salvo of the 2008 election, the Iowa caucuses, and beyond.

As FairTax supporters and voters, you know the Iowa caucuses are critical not only in the heartland, but nationally as well. People everywhere watch to see what happens in Iowa. That’s why we need to keep the FairTax bus first in Iowa, and then in other key primary states such as Florida and South Carolina, to make a difference during this critical election.

Help us keep the FairTax bus in Iowa and go the distance in your beloved Hawkeye State and beyond.

You can fuel the bus–literally and figuratively–and keep it on the road reaching more potential supporters and spreading the word for the FairTax in advance of the first votes on January 3rd in Iowa and then in other important states.

Here’s how you can help:

$25 — Day Trip (25 miles)
$50 — Long Haul (50 miles)
$100 — Century Ride (100 miles)
$250 — Going the distance! (250 miles)

The more funds we bring in for the FairTax, the more miles we’ll ride and the greater our impact in Iowa and the rest of the nation.

With the FairTax bus and our targeted rallies, we have already made FairTax the talk of the campaign season and moved fundamental tax reform onto the national stage. We can do it again with your help for January 3rd and beyond with the FairTax bus, but that drive starts now.

Be a part of history and do your part because what happens in Iowa, does not stay in Iowa!


Ken Hoagland
Communications Director

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