NEW FUNDRAISING GOAL – $1,150,000 by December 15th

Fresh off our success last month the Mike Huckabee campaign has given us our new goal. This time we have until December 15th. The goal is $1,150,000. When announcing the new online fundraising goal on the campaign blog this is what they had to say…

Thanks to your financial support in October and November we have the
resources we need to be competitive in Iowa. Since October 1 we have raised more
than $3.4 million online. We have set a new online goal of raising
$1,150,000 by December 15th to help us in three additional ways:

1. On December 18th Governor Huckabee will begin a bus tour across
Iowa. We want to have the financial resources to reach every corner of the
state. The money we raise towards this goal will help keep the Huckabus

2. We need to have the resources to begin running ads in New
Hampshire and South Carolina.

3. After the Iowa Caucuses we will need to be prepared to seize the
momentum with new television, radio and webads aired nationally. Helping
us reach our December 15 goal will put us in a good position to build on our
momentum coming out of Iowa.
please contribute towards our new December 15 online fundraising goal
. We have already raised over $184,000 towards our December
goal. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Indeed. Let’s roll troops!!

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