Today is the first day that Rasmussen Reports is covering and updating their daily GOP Tracking Poll seven days a week. Governor Mike Huckabee now finds himself in 2nd all by himself (for the first time!!) at 15%! This is also his best showing percentage wise in this poll! Rudy Giuliani leads the field by 9 points (he’s at 24%). Fred is in third at 14%. John McCain is in 4th with 13% support and Mitt Romney is clinging to double digits at 10% this morning.

Wow what a week this has been for the Huckabee campaign!!



  1. Your Jewish Master Says:

    Good post
    I’m not really surprised. Huckabee will be President. He truly fits the mold, in so many ways. I don’t see the majority of Americans voting for the Mayor of New York City, or a northeastern Governor (or a democrat, either).

  2. Vote For Hillary Online Says:

    If the list of candidates to choose from was a line of port-o-potties outside a concert, Huckabee would be the one overflowing with diarrhea.
    If you want a real candidate with real values, then you want Hillary Clinton. Just trust me.

    Vote For Hillary Online

  3. Your Jewish Master Says:

    Seen this troll around. Go home kid.

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